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Here Comes The Guide started out in 1989 as the California bride's best friend, providing an easy and intelligent way to find topnotch wedding locations and event professionals. Back then, there wasn't a local wedding resource as targeted and informative as we were, and years later…there still isn't! The fact that we're as picky as ever about who we add to our website is just icing on the great big wedding cake for discriminating brides and grooms.

Today's savviest couples from across the U.S. and beyond are asking us to bring our unique brand of party planning perfection to their area, and we're rapidly working our way through the pile of requests, one fabulous region at a time.

Meredith Here Comes The Guide Meredith Monday Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Meredith Monday Schwartz is good at "getting things done." As the company's Chief Executive Officer, her official job is to keep the incredibly rowdy Here Comes The Guide staff in line. Unofficially, though, she's the rowdiest of the bunch and is often the last one off the mechanical bull when it's time to go home. Read more about Meredith.

Jan Here Comes The GuideJan Brenner, Editor-in-Chief
[email protected]

Contact Jan regarding book editorial issues.

Jan Brenner has co-authored all of Hopscotch Press' books. Although she received a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley, she backed into writing only after spending ten years in social work and four in publishing. Along the way she got a couple of other degrees which have never been put to official use. A lifelong dilettante, she's quasi-conversant in 3.1 languages, dabbles in domestic pursuits, and takes a lot of walks with her dog, Weegie. Read more about Jan.

Jennifer Here Comes The Guide Jennifer Ahearn, Online Media Director
[email protected]

Contact Jennifer regarding website issues.

In addition to domesticating her two wild garbanzos (twin boys), Jennifer spends her time keeping a grip on our website—and occasionally we even let her out of the office for road trips to write some location profiles. Read more about Jennifer.

Jolene Here Comes The Guide Jolene Rae Harrington, Media & Communications Director and Venue Specialist
[email protected]

Contact Jolene regarding media and press inquiries, bridal salon trunk shows; your venue in Palm Springs, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Central Coast, Monterey/Carmel, Santa Cruz or Lake Tahoe.

Jolene wasn't sure if she could commit. Then she found Here Comes The Guide, planned her dream beach wedding with her honey, and scored a job writing location profiles for us. Nineteen years later, she's still our creative secret weapon, doing everything from developing web content to showing off her industry expertise to any and all media willing to listen. We like to constantly remind her that without us, she'd probably still be planning her wedding. Read more about Jolene.

Sharon Here Comes The Guide Sharon Carl, Production Director
[email protected]

Contact Sharon regarding technical production issues and book proofs.

Sharon is the go-to person for all things production. She has worked in pre-press for over 15 years, for both printers and marketing firms, so she understands all that computer graphics technobabble. Read more about Sharon.

Denise Here Comes The Guide Denise Martinez, Director of Feature Sales
[email protected]

Contact Denise regarding: premium placement on

Having coordinated weddings and special events for four years, Denise knows how to juggle a lot of different jobs. While she's effortlessly handling our distribution, bridal fairs and the event professionals section of our website, she still manages to keep us all posted on the latest Hollywood dirt. At the end of the day, she freshens her lipstick, smoothes her hair, and transforms into the West Coast Carrie Bradshaw. Read more about Denise.

Jenna Here Comes The Guide Jenna Miller, Creative Director and Director of Vendor Sales
[email protected]

Contact Jenna regarding: questions about our Find Ideas section; brand partnerships; and featuring your wedding service on

With a personality that sparkles even more than that rock on her left finger, Jenna Miller's an energetic and charming addition to the Here Comes The Guide family. Another Guide Bride-turned-staffer, Jenna married her high school sweetheart after a year of scouting out wedding tips and trends online—including finding her wedding venue on (where else?) When she’s not busy glittering up the Here Comes The Guide website, Jenna’s probably getting her cardio on at a local gym—or shopping mall. Read more about Jenna.

Angela Here Comes The Guide Angela Mullan, Regional Sales Director, California
[email protected]

Contact Angela regarding: featuring your wedding venue on

When we first met Angela, we found ourselves preening and posturing much like we would on a first date. The interview was on the heels of hiring her fab friend Jenna, and we wondered, "would lightning really strike twice?" Luckily, Ange's confidence and grace put us at ease, and we had the "commitment talk" without embarrassing ourselves too much. Today it feels as if she's been a part of our quirky family for years. When she's not dazzling us with her megawatt smile and wit, she's doing a little matchmaking of her own, scouting out the best venues for our brides. Read more about Angela.

Maggie Here Comes The Guide Maggie Munki, Production Specialist
[email protected]

Contact Maggie regarding: photos, proofs and production issues; and shipping & distribution.

Maggie's kind of like a Swiss Army knife: versatile, efficient, always at the ready—all in one compact package. Add in an infectious laugh that never fails to make the rest of us smile, a creative spirit with just the right amount of Type-A, and a strong desire to always keep learning, and...well, she's actually way better than a Swiss Army knife, come to think of it. We think we'll keep her. Read more about Maggie.

Lisa Here Comes The GuideLisa Shields, Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Contact Lisa regarding featuring your location on

Lisa joins us out of the trenches of the local PTA where she learned how to run a meeting, negotiate a conflict, plan a fundraiser, and control a room of third graders—all while holding a crying baby and hopping on one foot. Well, the hopping part may be a stretch, but we wouldn't put it past this strong and determined stay-at-home-mom-turned-career-woman. Lisa's joined our sales team and can now be seen charming clients, updating web content, and checking in on the lives of her fellow coworkers. Read more about Lisa.

Stephanie Here Comes The GuideStephanie Bush, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Contact Stephanie regarding featuring your location on

Whether it's pushing herself to the limit in a super-sweaty spin class or hunting down the best wedding venues around, Stephanie always gives 100%. Even though she's a competitive tomboy at heart, we love that she'll still waltz into the office wearing bright high heels and oversized earrings. A girl who can dish about weddings one minute and fill you in on the latest sports scores the next? Sign us up. Read more about Stephanie.

Katelyn Here Comes The GuideKatelyn League, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Contact Katelyn regarding featuring your location on

Our satellite office in Austin, TX fell just a little bit in love the day Katelyn entered our midst. She encompasses the ideal one-two punch of fierce tenacity and southern charm that qualifies her as a Here Comes The Guide gal, through and through. By day you can find her chatting with her clients about Auburn Football (War Eagle!), or utilizing her eye for design to 'pretty us up'. And by night, watch out as this girl roughs things up on the co-ed soccer field and then heads home to cook a gourmet gluten-free meal. Yes, she really can do it all. Don't simply take our word for it though—we dare you to pick up the phone and give her a call. No doubt you'll swoon, just like we have. Read more about Katelyn.

Jessica Here Comes The GuideJessica Robins, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Contact Jessica regarding featuring your location on

As we suspected when we hired her, Jessica is a perfect fit for Here Comes The Guide. For one thing, the cool glasses she wears that make her look so intelligent aren't just a fashion statement—she really is smart. For another, she's at least as sassy as she is sweet, and has no qualms about voicing her opinions—a requirement for survival in our company! When it comes to her work, she's meticulously organized and great at assisting clients with whatever they need. And although Jess suffers from an addiction (to KIND nutrition bars), she's even turned that into a benefit for her co-workers by letting us raid her stash whenever we like. Yup, we definitely lucked out when she joined our team. Read more about Jessica.

Shannon Here Comes The GuideShannon Montero, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Contact Shannon regarding featuring your location on

Don't let her sweet exterior and winning smile fool you. Shannon is a sales and marketing ninja who basically broke every "newbie" record at Here Comes The Guide within her first week of working here. We attribute all that success to her upbeat personality and determination to get the job done…and she gets it done fast. Case in point: She planned her own wedding in less than 8 weeks and was still the most charming bride imaginable! Besides keeping all of us on our toes, she also keeps busy with a husband and adorable baby girl, is obsessed with adirondack chairs and lake living, and gets a thrill every time she checks something off her to-do list. Read more about Shannon.

Megan Here Comes The GuideMegan Braswell, Regional Sales Director, Texas
[email protected]

Contact Megan regarding featuring your location on

Kismet. That’s what it was the day Megan joined us as at Here Comes The Guide. We had been asking (more like pleading with) the Universe to send us another smart, competent, confident, slightly sassy and oh-so-Penelope sister. Well, we got all that. and. so. much. more. Megan could have been an 80s spokeswoman, because she embodies the slogan, “Never Let Them See You Sweat.” She takes on each new challenge thrown her way with grace and confidence and makes it look like she’s been doing it for years. So, we owe a huge thank-you to the Universe for sending Megan our way. And, the best news for us (and, more importantly, for her clients!), is that she’s just getting started. Read more about Megan.

Amy Snyder, Regional Sales ManagerAmy Snyder, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Contact Amy regarding featuring your location on

Being a retail store manager for several years taught Amy two things: to love helping people find exactly what they need, and how to handle the worst situations with ease. She also realized that humor has to be part of every workday, so making her coworker-turned-friends laugh is a top priority—if she has a chance to be silly, she’ll take it! Her silliness is often focused on the two people she loves most: her boyfriend and daughter. Read more about Amy.

Sarah Thomsen, Regional Sales ManagerSarah Thomsen, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Contact Sarah regarding featuring your location on

If Here Comes The Guide was the CIA, Sarah would be our secret wedding-industry agent. Having spent most of her career as a Catering Sales Director at major hotels and event locations from the West Coast to Vegas to New Jersey, she’s the savvy insider who’s able to divulge all the nitty-gritty details about the world of running a wedding venue. Of course, once we realized what a resource she is, we immediately went into debriefing mode! This girl knows how to juggle the needs of 10 brides in a week, while making sure her venue stays in tiptop shape and that all events come off without a hitch. You better believe she's got some problem-solving chops and plenty of experience using them! When she’s not helping us all be better versions of ourselves (both professionally and personally!), she can be found chasing around her latest challenge—her adorable 2-year-old, James! Read more about Sarah.

Jessica Brie MonticelliJessica Brie Monticelli, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Contact JessBrie regarding featuring your location on

While the Beatles may have recorded the song “To Know Her Is To Love Her” before she was born, we're convinced that The Universe had JessBrie in mind when John Lennon sang those lyrics. You simply can’t walk away from a conversation with JessBrie without the warm fuzzies. And while she's endearingly sweet, she's equally fierce and determined. Read more about JessBrie.

Mary BriemleMary Briemle, Associate, Bridal Show Specialist
[email protected]

Contact Mary regarding featuring your wedding fair on

It really is a small world after all…Mary found her way to Here Comes The Guide through a couple of fortuitous relationships: She was both the completely put-together sister of Stephanie's childhood bestie and a former coworker/friend/confidant of Lisa, which meant she basically had to become part of our Hoppy Sisterhood. Mary is the ultimate triple threat—she's wickedly smart, adoringly sweet, and oh-so-full of style (Madewell being her favorite guilty pleasure).  Read more about Mary.

Bobbi RidgewayBobbi Ridgeway, Social Media Manager
(510) 340-9943
[email protected]

Contact Bobbi regarding: Here Comes The Guide’s social media accounts.

Bobbi is the epitome of a Here Comes The Guide bride—a smart, sassy twenty-something with some mean Type-A organizational prowess. Plus, she married her high school sweetheart right before she started working for us…so we basically pick her brain whenever we get the chance—because this girl has her finger on the pulse of what's hot in weddings. She knows what appeals to today's couples, and let's face it: she makes us look cool. Want to see what we mean? Follow us on social media. Read more about Bobbi.

Cooper SchwartzCooper Schwartz, Staff Support/Customer Relations

Cooper's our unofficial mascot and inspiration at Here Comes The Guide's Berkeley office. A consummate perfectionist, he prefers to focus on one task until he feels he's succeeded; whether it's playing fetch, chewing the nose off of his favorite stuffed toy "woobie," or going for a nice long walk or run. Cooper loves being the only male member of Here Comes The Guide, and often greets his coworkers in the morning by dropping a stuffed toy at their feet, as his way of saying, "hi." Read more about Cooper.