Regan Riester

Regional Sales Manager

Have you ever opened a gift that is wrapped inside a gift that is wrapped inside a gift? That's what it is like to know Regan. Every time you think you have her figured out, you experience yet another layer of her endearing personality. The first thing that struck us about Regan is that she is uber competent and super smart—that's clearly obvious. Then as you get to know her, you learn that she is equally witty, fun-loving, and generous-hearted. She is the girl that you can trust to handle her business by day—and when the work is done, y'all can go and kick up your heels at the honky-tonk at night. She takes that same attitude into loving on her clients—trustworthy to the core and also more than willing to be your BFF at a moment's notice. She is a gift we are never returning!

Insider Info

Guilty pleasure: Room ser­vice at hotels. Some­times get­ting up and get­ting ready is just not happening.

Favorite things: Enter­tain­ing, lay­ing by the pool, live music, golf, sushi, and traveling.

What I like most about my job: Work­ing in such a pos­i­tive and wel­com­ing envi­ron­ment. This group of women is tru­ly inspir­ing! Still won­der­ing how I got so lucky to get to call what we do every day work”.

What pushes my panic button: Being late. In fact, if I’m not at least 15 min­utes ear­ly for some­thing my pan­ic will start to build pret­ty quickly.

Favorite quote: Trust the tim­ing of your life.”

Favorite way to wind down after a long day: No mat­ter how hard the day may be, a bub­ble bath and a glass of wine can fix anything.

Where you can find me on a Saturday: At brunch with friends! Break­fast foods are my favorite and I love any oppor­tu­ni­ty to indulge in them.

What people would never suspect about me: I secret­ly love build­ing things. IKEA fur­ni­ture, bring it on!

Pet peeves: Slow walk­ers. I used to plan events at a uni­ver­si­ty and even­tu­al­ly had to make sure I nev­er walked to a meet­ing or event in between class­es. It turns out stu­dents walk SO SLOW!