Angela Mullan

Regional Sales Lead

When we first met Angela, we found ourselves preening and posturing much like we would on a first date. The interview was on the heels of hiring her fab friend Jenna, and we wondered, would lightning really strike twice? Luckily, Ange's confidence and grace put us at ease, and we had the "commitment talk" without embarrassing ourselves too much. For almost eight years now, when she's not dazzling us with her megawatt smile and wit, she's doing a little matchmaking of her own, scouting out the best venues for Here Comes The Guide couples.

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Insider Info

Domestic status: Mar­ried to her luv­va and rais­ing two strong girls to work hard, dream big, and nev­er take no for an answer (unless Ange is actu­al­ly the one say­ing no. Then it’s no).

Best advice to brides: Skip the receiv­ing line. Split up and have one go one way and one go the oth­er. You’re less like­ly to miss a moment with that col­lege room­mate who loved you way back when you were liv­ing on taquitos (and her couch).

Walked down the aisle to: Pachel­bel’s Canon in D,” a classic!

Extracurricular activities: Run­ning, clean­ing, wine tast­ing, and danc­ing. Not nec­es­sar­i­ly in that order but if all four are includ­ed in her day, it’s a real­ly good day!

Favorite wedding detail: Open Bar

Favorite way to wind down after a hard day: Hir­ing a babysit­ter and tak­ing the hubs out!

Guilty pleasure: Real House­wives of ANYWHERE

Celebrity she would most like to have a one-on-one date with: Brad Pais­ley, the coun­try singer who lit­er­al­ly mar­ried the bride from Father Of The Bride and sings about the mer­ri­ment of mar­ried life in his songs. His song THEN was Ange and Bren­dan’s wed­ding song. Swoooooon!

Childhood career choice: Talk show host. She still total­ly sees her­self sit­ting at the table with the ladies of THE TALK — and yes, she watch­es every episode. Don’t judge.

What people most underestimate about her: Her love of com­plet­ing tasks. She wrote all 200+ thank-you cards to her wed­ding guests on the flight to her hon­ey­moon! Yeah…it’s that bad.

Theme song: SALUTE” by Lit­tle Mix. #girlpow­er

Fictional character she most identifies with: Mon­i­ca from Friends. She’s the woman mak­ing check­lists with­in her check­lists, yet still snagged a won­der­ful­ly relaxed hub who keeps her some­what sane.

New Year's resolution: Run her first half marathon.

Favorite quote: Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can con­quer the world.” —Bette Midler