Jenny Rogers

Production Assistant

When Jenny isn't transporting her daughters to and from the pool for practice, she's likely using her wildly artistic eye to capture stunning photos of wedding couples or families. And when that coveted downtime rolls around? You may find her camping, traveling, and exploring with her family. But don't be fooled—for as much as she loves adventuring, Jenny's equally as happy relaxing on the couch with some TV and a vodka tonic. Quality time and connection with her people is her favorite activity of all. And we're so thankful we get to spend the workweek with this talented gem of a human!

Insider Info

Marital status: My hus­band met at UCSB (Go, Gau­chos!) and got mar­ried right out of col­lege. Now we have 2 incred­i­ble daugh­ters (Dorothy and Gretchen) and a crazy choco­late labradoo­dle, Odin.

Things I love: Camp­ing in the sum­mer, pho­tog­ra­phy, road trips, BBQs, Anthro­polo­gie, the Arm­chair Expert pod­cast, music (folk or rap), spend­ing time laugh­ing & eat­ing good food with fam­i­ly & friends, baked goods (extra points for frost­ing), chips & sal­sa, Soul­Cy­cle, the ocean.

Favorite quote: Aim to be the per­son who goes what were you say­ing?” when some­one is inter­rupt­ed. Aim to be the per­son who smiles when some­one makes eye con­tact with you. Aim to be the per­son who actu­al­ly cares to lis­ten to the answer when you ask peo­ple a ques­tion. Aim to be the per­son who waits when you see some­one lag­ging behind the group. Aim to be the per­son who asks peo­ple who seem a bit down whether they want to talk about it. Aim to be the per­son who invites oth­ers to join the group. Aim to be the per­son who says com­pli­ments out loud. Aim to be the per­son who checks in when some­one iso­lates them­selves. Aim to be the per­son who cel­e­brates peo­ple’s suc­cess. Aim to be the kind of per­son you’d like to see your­self.” —com­pas­sion­atere­minders // reddit

What I love most about my job: I love search­ing for new pho­tos for venues. There is noth­ing bet­ter than fix­ing up a venue’s page and mak­ing it look all shiny and new! I also love being able to work with some of the most amaz­ing women! It’s tru­ly a dream job.

Favorite way to wind down after a long day: Noth­ing makes me hap­pi­er at the end of a long day than sit­ting on the couch with my fam­i­ly watch­ing TV. It’s tru­ly my heaven.

Places I've lived: Visalia, San­ta Bar­bara (aka Isla Vista), Los Ange­les, Bur­bank, Clovis.

Most unexpected thing about me: One thing that peo­ple can’t real­ly seem to under­stand is that I hate the snow. I want to love it, but I just can’t!