We screen every venue on our website.

We evaluate every wedding venue in Here Comes The Guide. (Yes, we actually turn down locations that don't satisfy our requirements.) When you see descriptive text about a location, it was written by us, not by some marketing department somewhere.

These folks pay to be on our website; however, we don't just accept payment from anyone. We're still picky, but there would be no website if they didn't pay us. Everyone goes through our vetting process first—and we do turn down locations that we don't think we can wholeheartedly recommend.

Some—but not all—of the products, vendors, and venues recommended in our articles have paid us. As always, we don't recommend anything we don't believe in.

We do our best to be accurate, but of course, things change—and we aren't always the first to know, so be sure you check each place and service thoroughly and ask lots of questions. Here Comes The Guide is not responsible for the contract you ultimately sign with them, or for how your event goes. That’s between you and each venue. Our best advice is to be thorough, careful consumers and get every single thing in writing. This is what we tell our family and best friends, so this is what we’re telling you.

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