All About All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

These wedding venues are all that and a bag of chips.

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Planning a wedding is no joke, folks. Wouldn't it be nice if you could streamline the wedding planning process from the start? Well, we've got four magic words for you to consider:

All Inclusive Wedding Venues.

All-inclusive wedding venues offer comprehensive packages that cover not only the event space, but also other wedding essentials like catering, bar service, linens, and rentals – all under one (reasonably priced) roof.

Wedding venue packages are at once a timesaver *and* a steal, but be forewarned: All-inclusive package inclusions vary greatly.

Since the term "all-inclusive" can be a bit of a gray area when it comes to wedding venues, we wanted to nail down our own definition. Keep reading for more details on what we believe constitutes an all-inclusive wedding venue, some commonly asked questions, and a checklist to determine if a wedding venue meets our all-inclusive criteria.

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What Makes a Wedding Venue All-Inclusive?

At Here Comes The Guide, we've had many discussions around this age-old industry question: "What makes a wedding venue truly all-inclusive?" And while there's no definitive answer, we turn to our core values whenever we need a bit of guidance. In alignment with our third core value, "Always do what's best for the couple", we've landed on this definition:


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  1. To include more than just the venue space. An all-inclusive wedding venue package typically covers additional wedding day essentials such as tables, chairs, catering & drinks, linens, tableware, trusted vendor recommendations, etc. The amenities can run the gamut depending on the specific venue, but the bottom line is that they're making your life easier by bundling those wedding day essentials into one competitively-priced package.

DEBUNKING THE MYTH: The words “all-inclusive” should not be taken literally—and not ALL all-inclusive wedding venues are created equal.

  • Some all-inclusive venues are truly full-service; others still necessitate off-site services.

  • Some allow you to customize your wedding package; others are more cookie-cutter.

  • Some will have transparent, upfront pricing; others may have additional fees.

  • Some will host just one wedding per day; others may host multiple.

Wedding package inclusions vary and don’t necessarily include ALL the things you’ll need to pull off the wedding of your dreams, so pay close attention to the package details of each all-inclusive venue you’re considering.

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What Do Wedding Venue Packages Typically Include?

Here is a quick list of the Should-Haves vs. the May-Haves when it comes to all-inclusive wedding venue packages:

All-inclusive wedding venues MUST include the event space.

This seems obvious, but remember that while many all-inclusive venues offer space for both the ceremony and reception, some venues only offer one singular space.

All-inclusive wedding venues SHOULD include catering.

All-inclusive wedding venues should provide catering services as part of their package offerings; however, they don't necessarily need a caterer in-house. Many venues partner with exclusive caterers that service weddings on the premises as part of the wedding package.

*While we believe all-inclusive venues should include catering, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, many venues offer all-inclusive elopement packages that provide everything for the ceremony (space, officiant, flowers, photography, cake, & champs) but don’t offer a full meal.
All-inclusive wedding venues SHOULD include on-site coordination.

A venue coordinator is primarily responsible for facilitating on-site events, managing venue staff, and handling the logistics and operations of the property. Their superpower is that they know your wedding venue like the back of their hand.

All-inclusive wedding venues MAY include rentals.

Wedding rentals at minimum should include tables, chairs, tableware, and linens, but they could include everything from the lighting and sound system to tenting, outdoor heaters, the dance floor, and more. Some all-inclusive venues offer a vast inventory of in-house rentals, while others simply have the basics. Ask your venue coordinator about their rental inventory, what upgrades are available, and what you may need to source from an outside rental company.

All-inclusive wedding venues MAY include on-site accommodations.

If your venue includes on-site accommodations, congrats! You can conveniently sidestep the logistics of hotel room blocks, shuttles, and designated drivers. Many others won’t have accommodations on-site, but may partner with nearby hotels to offer great deals and streamlined booking.

All-inclusive wedding venues MAY include other services.

Some all-inclusive wedding venues are truly full-service and include everything under the sun you could want on your wedding day. This includes the whole kit and caboodle—from custom wedding cakes and floral centerpieces to upgraded rentals, accent lighting, DJ services, photography, and more!

All-inclusive wedding venues MAY have a Preferred Vendor List.

A preferred vendor list is a shortlist of wedding vendors that the venue has a great working relationship with. Typically each vendor listed is a vetted, seasoned pro—having worked numerous weddings at the property. Some venues allow you to only use their approved vendors while others may charge an additional fee for you to bring in your own "outside" vendors.

All-inclusive wedding venues MAY include customization.

Although some wedding packages may feel cookie-cutter, others can be incredibly customizable. Let the venue know the specific vision you have in mind to see if they can get creative with key aspects of your wedding day.

The trick with any wedding package is transparency:

Crystal-clear communication about what's included in the package—and what's not—is what will save you from sticker shock down the road. Knowing upfront what you’re getting, what you may need to source separately, and what venue add-ons or upgrades you’d like to consider will help you stay within budget.

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How Do I Find an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

Venues such as hotels, destination resorts, golf & country clubs, banquet halls, and even restaurants are typically considered all-inclusive; however, any venue can be all-inclusive with the right wedding package!

All-inclusive wedding venue packages are perfect for couples with a tight planning timeline or budget, those planning a micro wedding, elopement, long wedding weekend, or destination wedding from afar, or those who want to take a more hands-off approach to wedding planning.

As mentioned, some full-service venues will take care of literally everything in their all-inclusive wedding package. However, this seems to be the exception—not the norm! Most all-inclusive wedding venue packages vary in their level of inclusion, so be aware and know what exactly you’re agreeing to.

So how do you find an all-inclusive wedding venue near you?

Look no further than this website! Check out our All-Inclusive Wedding Venues page and use the dropdown to select your state. From there, refine your results to include everything you're looking for—from in-house catering & alcohol to on-site accommodations and even late-night curfews.

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What are the Benefits of Booking an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

There are several big benefits to booking an all-inclusive venue!

Less wedding planning time & energy is needed.

All-inclusive wedding venues are inherently less stressful because you don’t have to worry about as many moving parts. The wedding venue takes care of the bulk of the details so all you have to do is show up, eat, drink, and be married.

Package pricing is good for the budget.

Bundling a bunch of items into one package usually equals big savings compared to purchasing everything à la carte. Plus, when things like rentals, in-house staff, food, and drinks are conveniently situated on-site, you won't get nickeled and dimed for all the extras and can even avoid potential extra charges like delivery fees, setup and cleanup costs, and outside vendor fees.

Venue staff will be on top of it.

Unless you work in the wedding industry, chances are this is your first time planning such a grand event. The great thing about all-inclusive venues is that they run like a well-oiled machine. You can rest easy knowing your wedding-day details are being handled by the venue team’s expert hands.

Setup & cleanup is typically included.

One huge perk of an all-inclusive venue is that most of the setup and cleanup will be done for you! Just another thing you can cross off that wedding to-do list.

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How Much Does an All-Inclusive Wedding Cost?

Since your venue and food costs will inevitably take up the biggest chunk of your wedding budget, all-inclusive packages are fantastic for getting a grip on your budget from the get-go.

And while there's no "standard" for all-inclusive pricing, we typically see packages priced at a flat rate or per-person charge.

Here is a quick explanation of the different pricing models:

Package Pricing

Wedding package pricing bundles the venue rental fee with everything else, offering a flat-rate pricing model for a specific number of guests. The benefit of the package price is that typically there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Per-Person Pricing

Many all-inclusive packages are calculated on a per-person basis. To figure out how much the package may cost, multiply the per-person package price by your anticipated guest count. The more guests you host, the more expensive your package will be.

Rental Fee + Per-Person

Some venues require a flat rate for simply renting out their space. This rental fee (sometimes called a site fee) may vary based on the time of year, day of the week, and how many hours the venue will be reserved. It may be required in addition to a per-person charge.

Service Charge / Taxes / Gratuities / Misc Fees

From corkage and cake-cutting fees to taxes and gratuity, even all-inclusive wedding venues can come with “extra” charges. Be mindful and ask for these anticipated costs to be included in your proposal.

Add-Ons + Upgrades

Many all-inclusive venues will offer a “base package” with options to upgrade or add-on to your heart’s content. These upgrades may include things like top-shelf spirits, a late-night snack option, or cross-back chairs.

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All-Inclusive Wedding Venue Checklist

To help determine if a venue qualifies as all-inclusive according to Here Comes The Guide's definition, refer to the following questions:

  1. Does the venue provide on-site catering or have a list of preferred/exclusive caterers?

  2. Does the venue offer bar services (alcohol, bartenders, etc.)?

  3. Does the venue offer planning services or a dedicated on-site coordinator?

  4. Does the venue offer rentals (tables, chairs, linens, etc.) as part of your package?

  5. Does the venue have a list of trusted, preferred vendors for services like photography, DJ, florals, etc.?

  6. Does the venue provide any additional amenities like a champagne toast, photo booth, wedding cake, lighting, etc.?

  7. Is there a single package price that includes multiple services and amenities?

If you answered "yes" to 4 or more of these questions, congratulations! According to Here Comes The Guide's criteria, your venue would likely qualify as all-inclusive.

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Remember, it is critical to understand what's included in your package, so you know *exactly* what you’re getting and can plan accordingly. When researching all-inclusive wedding venues, it's essential to carefully review the package details and inclusions to ensure they align with your expectations and budget. Don't hesitate to ask questions and clarify what is and isn't included to avoid any surprises or hidden costs.

And speaking of black-and-white, be sure every detail of your package is documented in a formal contract before you sign on the dotted line. A well-written contract locks in the pricing you have agreed upon, and spells out precisely what you're purchasing—eliminating any surprise changes to fees or services.