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Barn Weddings in Nashville... Never old-timey, simply classic.

Barn Weddings in Nashville... Never old-timey, simply classic.Country music may be Nashville’s main claim to fame, but it’s also a great place for country-style weddings. Imagine lush pastures dotted with oak trees and grazing horses… or flower-filled gardens and old-fashioned barns…or a historic mansion with a gracious porch overlooking an expansive lawn… You’ll find all of these charming settings at venues in and around Nashville, and we’ve listed a handful of them that are definitely worth a visit.

Get Your Rustic On! 6 Cool Colorado Barn, Ranch, and Farm Wedding Venues

Get Your Rustic On! Cool Colorado Barn, Ranch, and Farm Wedding VenuesWith snow-capped mountain peaks, lush Aspen and evergreen forests, and sweeping valley vistas, Colorado certainly lives up to its reputation as the jewel of the American West. And for couples seeking a rustic, outdoorsy wedding venue, there's no better place to start than the Rocky Mountain state. Quintessential barns, ranches, and farms are located in every corner of Colorado, making it easy to find a perfect fit...the only tricky part is choosing just one! 

6 of Washington D.C.'s Best Historic Wedding Venues

Washington D.C.'s Best Historic Wedding VenuesThe D.C. Metro area is absolutely overflowing with wedding venues that highlight the city's unique role in American history. We've listed some of our favorites, from one of the city's earliest churches and a couple of mansions to a cutting-edge, globally-recognized trade center.

10 Outstanding Outdoor San Diego Wedding Venues

Outstanding Outdoor San Diego Wedding VenuesSan Diego is one of the top wedding destinations in the entire country. Its incredible weather, beaches, ocean vistas, and lush gardens make it hard to resist, especially for an al fresco celebration. Whether you want to get married with your toes in the sand, surrounded by flowers, or on a paddlewheel boat, the San Diego Area wedding venues we've included here all take full advantage of the region's outdoor assets.

Happiness Is Calling! 10 Affordable San Diego Wedding Venues

Happiness Is Calling! Affordable San Diego Wedding VenuesHoping to find an affordable San Diego Area wedding venue? Don't despair! From resorts and hotels to a historic ranch and county park, here's a selection of places that won't break the bank.

Dazzling Denver: 11 Mile High City Wedding Venues

Dazzling Denver: Mile High City Wedding VenuesDenver's colorful history and dazzling location make it a favorite choice for the Big Day, whether you're a local couple or one that's planning a destination wedding. Within the charming town's borders you'll find an eclectic mix of grand hotels, treasured architectural gems, and funky restaurants—and some spots that are all three at the same time! Look over our list and see for yourself—there's no need to leave the Mile High City to find an unforgettable place to say "I do."

15 Woodsy Wedding Venues in Northern California

Woodsy Wedding Venues in Northern CaliforniaIf you want nature, in the form of glorious trees, to play a role in your wedding, these venues could be just what you're looking for. From a cathedral in the forest created by a grove of redwoods to a canopy of spreading oaks aglow with bistro lights at night, they'll all add a woodsy beauty to your celebration.

15 Woodsy Wedding Venues in Southern California

Woodsy Wedding Venues in Southern CaliforniaWhether it's a single spreading oak, a dappled forest, or a majestic grove of redwoods, trees impart an irresistible beauty to a wedding. All of the Southern California venues we've highlighted below showcase Mother Nature's arborial handiwork, and any one of them might have just the outdoor setting you're looking for.