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Service Area

California, particularly Santa Barbara to Carmel. International destinations.

Services Offered

Allyson Magda loves to work with clients who have an appreciation for art and desire a photographer with an artistic eye and a creative and fresh approach.

Services to all bride and grooms include a complimentary engagement session, online proofing and custom gallery-style (a.k.a. magazine-style) collaged albums, in which each layout is designed fresh for each wedding.

Questions and Answers

What 3 words best describe your work?
Timeless, artistic, fresh!
Why should someone hire you?
Our studio believes in going above and beyond for all clients. We strive to provide the smoothest flowing day photography-wise as possible by taking the time to organize and plan with each of our couples. The results are not only timeless images to last a lifetime, but a smooth day for our couples so they can enjoy each other, and their guests!
What are some sources of inspiration or influences on your work?
I love to study art history as well as current fashion; combining the two makes for very fun and fresh images.
What have weddings taught you?
Each and every wedding is an individual! It's very important to be able to go with the flow.
What is the best advice you give a couple when planning their wedding?
Be sure to relax and take in all those little moments. By the time the rehearsal rolls around, forget all the little details—they will be what they will be. Concentrate on soaking up every moment!
If you could have any superpower on the job, what would it be?
I think I'd like to be able to fly. Plus my feet would never get tired!
What's your favorite book/movie/work of art?
I love The Red Violin (movie), and works by Rodney Smith (photographer).
What's your favorite quote?
"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second of someone else." —Judy Garland
What's your favorite marriage advice?
"It's not finding the right person, it's becoming the right person." —Chip Ingram
Extracurricular activities:
Hot yoga, hiking, knitting, reading, gardening, bike riding, dirt biking, developing my palate by drinking wine.
If you weren't in your current profession, what would you do instead?
I'd be an artist of another medium... ceramics, encaustic art.
What's your favorite way to wind down after a hard day?
Hot yoga!
Tell us about your pets or kids, if you have any.
Sgt "Gunny" Hwy, is a highlight of my life! He's our Jack Russell Terrier and is the best companion on the planet! Well, other than my husband of course! We have a new "highlight" arriving via adoption, and we are over the moon excited about our baby girl!
What are some of your favorite places to eat—either everyday spots or special occasion splurges?
I'm a foodie, I love a delicious salad with organic fruits and vegetables, chevre, all kinds of cheeses, and of course, gotta complete the meal with a complimentary glass of vino!

About This Company

Ardent fans claim she’s one of the top photographers in the country, and with good reason. Allyson Magda’s images are simple yet complex, striking, intriguing, and perfectly composed. Clients and colleagues agree: They are art.

There is nothing cliché about this talented professional’s vision. Originality and the ability to thoroughly enchant are the hallmarks of her work. A top-notch professional with a B.A. in Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography and a minor in Art History, she has been shooting since high school. “Allyson is young, hip, and she ‘gets it,’” says a colleague who feels her photography is totally unique. “Her work has a real fresh look,” observes another industry professional. “Allyson’s work appeals to clients who are contemporary, who want something newer and fresher and not the old traditional stuff.”

Her version of photojournalism is dazzling. Her pictures have the seemingly effortless perfection of the best high-end commercial and editorial work. “I like to capture people in a natural way,” she says lightly. “People really inspire me. I want to create a sense of intimacy.” To do this she often breaks up the shoot time and mixes up backgrounds, which enables her to get different moods and keep her subjects very relaxed. She even manages to give those standard group portraits a lively and original twist, playing with arrangement, spacing, composition and movement to produce spirited rather than static effects. A well-thought-out timeline helps her manage the action, but she knows how to improvise and she’s miraculously adept at finding the good times and at capturing excitement, merriment, and unexpected—almost mystical—moments. “She’s a fun person, very up-tempo, but laid back,” says an associate. “Her work evokes emotion and humor,” claims yet another who has worked with her on numerous occasions. “From a gathering of 80 on a farm to a 500-person wedding, she brings great energy and enthusiasm to every event.”

“Weddings are so happy. There is so much going on,” observes Allyson. She likes to focus exclusively on photographing bridal events and children. She’s also super fond of travel, so she loves the destination wedding concept. “Mine is a relationship-built business,” she adds, stressing that she always includes a complimentary engagement session at some dramatic or unusual location so that clients can familiarize themselves with the “center stage” experience. It’s proved to be a great idea. “I’m not a picture person,” confesses a bride. “I thought having a photographer around all day would be excruciatingly painful. From the very first email Allyson made it easy. She was one of the reasons the day flowed as beautifully as it did.”

After the event, Allyson’s design and art background come into play in her beautiful wedding albums, which are produced promptly. With Allyson, bridal portraits also go from snapshot to slideshow on the very day of the event. “It’s really wonderful,” she insists. “Guests love to watch the show. It’s another entertainment activity for the gathering.”

“Allyson is a sweetheart,” exclaims a wedding coordinator who adores her. She’s a great team player and it’s fun working with her.” “She’s outstanding,” agrees a groom. “I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Allyson Magda Photography Covers These Areas:

  • Southern California
    • Paso Robles and the Central Coast Wine Country
    • Santa Barbara County
    • San Luis Obispo and Central Coast Beach Area
  • And other areas by special arrangement.
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This is a list of the areas that Allyson Magda Photography normally serves. However, be sure to ask them if they'll be able to work at your particular location.
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