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Service Area

San Luis Obispo County

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Here Comes The Guide couples: Receive complimentary welcome beverages of infused water and lemonade when you book with Thomas Hill Organics!

Services Offered

Thomas Hill Organics offers seasonally-based custom menus featuring organic, regionally-produced, farm-to-table food. They work with local purveyors for poultry, fish and grass-fed beef, lamb and exotic meats. Nearby farmers provide all fruits and vegetables, which are always straight-from-the-earth fresh, and their breads are crafted by local bakers who are celebrated artisans of their trade.

Accommodating any and all special requests and dietary preferences, Thomas Hill Organics will work with you to create an imaginative, bold wedding menu full of clean, honest ingredients.

Prices and/or Package Info

Per person pricing ranges typically between $50–$85 per person depending on desired menu and services. Custom menu and rental coordination included!


“If I had to go back and re-plan my wedding, the first thing I would do is book Thomas Hill Organics again. They’ve been awesome collaborators and contributors in helping us realize our vision. We feel lucky we found them.”

“We asked them to customize a vegan menu that reflected our whole foods values—no fake meats! We also asked them to incorporate Native American themes. Not only did they *not* make us feel funny about asking for such a specific, atypical menu, they have made us feel like this was an exciting creative opportunity for them on the culinary front. They’ve made us feel terrific.”

“It’s worth noting that a close friend who is the San Francisco editor for Zagat gave lovely feedback about the menu, and she’s not one to give easy praise—especially about a wedding menu.”

“We loved the food and organic farm-to-table concept. The presentation was excellent. We still have friends and family talking about how good the caterer was!”

“More than any other single factor in our wedding planning process, working with Thomas Hill Organics has given me a sense of assurance that our wedding will be a wonderful and memorable event.”

“They worked to accommodate guests who were vegan and vegetarian. Also, they worked to provide a local dessert for us from where we came from in Ohio as part of the dessert table.”

“I was especially impressed with the fact that they were able to accommodate very unusual and specific food allergies some of our guests had.”

“They really are a top-notch outfit.”

Absolutely would recommend them. In fact, we took several friends that were still in Paso Robles the night after the wedding to dinner at their restaurant. There’s not a better restaurant or caterer in Paso Robles.”

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Questions and Answers

What 3 words best describe your work?
Fresh, seasonal, contemporary.
Tell us about your company name.
Thomas Hill Organics is meant to represent the CSA Farm, which led to the opening of the restaurant by owner Debbie Thomas. It also showcases our love and commitment to fresh, organic and local products.
Why should someone hire you?
Brides and grooms love THO because of our flexibility, quality and exceptional service.
What are the common misconceptions about your services?
That organic is too expensive and unattainable at most budgets. We have packages to fit every couple's needs!
What drew you to this field/how did you get started?
Beginning as a CSA, Thomas Hill Organics became a restaurant and then filled a void as one of the founding farm-to-table catering companies on the Central Coast.
What are some sources of inspiration or influences on your work?
Seasons! And color. We love playing with flavors and showcasing what our beautiful state has to offer.
Tell us about a favorite, unusual or very interesting moment at a wedding:
We are sought out by unusual brides who have such creative ideas and want their guests to experience something out of the ordinary. One of our favorite weddings was an all-vegan wedding in the country—only the bride and groom were vegans but wanted their guests to know how fun, flavorful and flexible vegan eating could be!
What makes a wedding memorable for you?
When brides aren't afraid to step out of the box with us and we journey together away from typical "wedding" food.
What have weddings taught you?
A lot about people, different cultures, and flavors from around the globe.
What is the best advice you give a couple when planning their wedding?
Make decisions that you can look back on and say "I'm glad we did that for US!"
If you could have any superpower on the job, what would it be?
To clone myself!
What are 3 words that describe your personality?
Prompt, flexible, energetic.
What's your favorite book/movie/work of art?
Once Upon A Winter's Night—the imagery is enchanting!
What's your favorite quote?
"People who love to eat are always the best people" —Julia Child
What's your favorite marriage advice?
Don't wait for tomorrow.
Extracurricular activities:
Hiking and spending time with my dog.
If you weren't in your current profession, what would you do instead?
Write a travel blog!
What's your favorite way to wind down after a hard day?
A big glass of red wine.
Tell us about your pets, if you have any.
We at THO LOVE dogs! We also cherish our outdoor patio seating so that our guests can bring their furry friends with them.
What are some of your favorite places to eat—either everyday spots or special occasion splurges?
We seek out other farm-to-table restaurants and love checking out new spots around town in Paso and SLO!

About This Company

Thomas Hill Organics is also one of the best restaurants in Paso Robles, and perfect for your rehearsal dinner! For more information, check out their venue listing.


Thomas Hill Organics Covers These Areas:

  • Southern California
    • San Luis Obispo and Central Coast Beach Area
  • And other areas by special arrangement.
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This is a list of the areas that Thomas Hill Organics normally serves. However, be sure to ask them if they'll be able to work at your particular location.
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