Key to Terms

Services/Amenities Key


  • in-house: the facility provides catering (for a fee)
  • in-house, no BYO: the facility provides catering; you cannot bring in your own
  • preferred list: you must select your caterer from the facility's approved list
  • in-house or BYO: the facility will provide catering or you can select an outside caterer of your own
  • BYO, licensed: arrange for your own licensed caterer

Kitchen Facilities

  • ample or fully equipped: large and well-equipped with major appliances
  • moderate: medium-sized and utilitarian
  • minimal: small with limited equipment; may not have all the basic appliances
  • setup or prep only: room for setup and food prep, but not enough space or utilities to cook food
  • n/a: not applicable because facility provides catering or doesn't allow food

Tables & Chairs

  • some provided or provided: facility provides some or all of the tables and chairs
  • BYO: make arrangements to bring your own

Linens, Silver, etc.

  • same as above


  • wheelchair accessible or
  • not wheelchair accessible

Dance Floor

  • yes: an area for dancing (hardwood floor, cement terrace, patio) is available
  • CBA, extra charge: a dance floor can be brought in for a fee

Bride's & Groom's Dressing Area

  • yes: there is an area for changing
  • no: there's no area for changing
  • limited: smaller space, not fully equipped as changing room
  • CBA: can be arranged

Audiovisual/Meeting Equipment

  • full range: facility has a full range of audiovisual equipment, including projectors, overhead screens, etc.
  • no: no equipment is available
  • BYO: bring your own equipment
  • CBA: equipment can be arranged 
  • CBA, extra fee: equipment can be arranged for an extra fee


  • CBA: can be arranged other descriptions are self explanatory


    If overnight accommodations are available on site, the number of guest rooms is listed.
  • CBA: the facility will arrange accommodations for you

Outdoor Night Lighting

  • yes: there is adequate light to conduct your event outdoors after dark
  • access only or limited: lighting is sufficient for access only

Outdoor Cooking Facilities

  • BBQ: the facility has a barbecue on the premises
  • BBQ, CBA: a barbecue can be arranged through the facility
  • BYO BBQ: make arrangements for your own barbecue 
  • n/a: not applicable


  • provided: facility takes care of cleanup
  • caterer: your caterer is responsible
  • caterer or renter: both you and/or your caterer are responsible for cleanup


    We've described what type of view is available for each facility.
  • no: the facility has no views to speak of


    Description of any service or amenity that is not included in above list.

Restrictions Key


  • in-house, no BYO: the facility provides alcoholic beverages (for a fee) and does not permit you to bring your own
  • BYO: you can bring your own alcohol
  • corkage, $/bottle: if you bring your own alcohol, the facility charges a fee per bottle to remove the cork and pour
  • WCB only: (or any combination of these three letters) only wine, champagne and beer are permitted
  • licensed server: the server of alcohol must be licensed


  • allowed: smoking is permitted throughout the facility
  • outside only: smoking is not permitted inside the facility
  • not allowed: smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises
  • designated areas: specific areas for smoking have been designated


    Almost every facility allows acoustic music unless stated otherwise. Essentially, restrictions refer to amplified music.
  • amplified OK: amplified music is acceptable without restriction
  • outside only: no amplified music allowed inside
  • inside only: no amplified music permitted outside
  • amplified OK with limits or restrictions: amplified music is allowed, but there are limits on volume, hours of play, type of instruments, etc.

Wheelchair Access

    Accessibility is based on whether the event areas (not necessarily the restrooms) of a facility are wheelchair accessible or not.
  • yes: the facility is accessible
  • limited: the facility is accessible but with difficulty (there may be a step at the entrance, for example, but all of the rooms are accessible)
  • no: the facility is not accessible


    Many facilities require that you purchase and show proof of some insurance coverage. The type and amount of insurance varies with the facility, and some facilities offer insurance for a minimal charge.
  • liability required, certificate required or proof of insurance required: additional insurance is required
  • not required: no additional insurance is required
  • may be required: sometimes additional insurance is required

Capacity Numbers and Fees