15 Non-Alcoholic Wedding Bar Ideas

Cocktail bars are expected—but food + drink bars are extraordinary!

Wedding Food Bar Ideas | Newlyweds feeding each other cookies from their wedding dessert table

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While your typical cocktail-serving bar is always a good time, why not shake things up a bit with these non-alcoholic alternatives?

These unique self-serve stations will turn your reception into an unforgettable experience. And, the best part is, many of these bars can be easily DIY'd on the cheap.

From fruit juice to flavored popcorn, check out these 15 ideas for interactive wedding stations!

1. Bacon Bar

Bring home the bacon with an epic self-serve bar! Bacon is super versatile and can be enjoyed savory or sweet, so load up the table with bacon-wrapped scallops, candied bacon strips, bacon kabobs, or even chocolate-dipped bacon. We especially love this idea for a wedding brunch! (Just don't forget the mimosas.)

Wedding Food Bar Ideas | Bacon Bar

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2. Bread Bar

Appease your inner foodie with an artisan bread station. From sourdough and ciabatta to gluten-free, there's a doughy delight for everyone. Bread is the ultimate vehicle for transporting cheese, butter, and olive oil into your face—so be sure to include various toppings and dips.

Wedding Food Station Ideas | Bread Table

Burnt Exposure

3. Cheese + Charcuterie Bar

You can't go wrong with a good old meat n' cheese spread. Want to elevate the look of this station? Contemporary Catering took their cheese and charcuterie spread to the next level—by displaying it suspended on a swing!

Wedding Food Stations | Cheese + Charcuterie Bar

Contemporary Catering | Brian Leahy Photography

4. Coffee Bar

Calling all espresso-loving couples! A coffee bar is a great way to provide a flavorful pick-me-up during your reception. Set out a couple o' Keurigs or fancy coffee chafer urns along with cream, sugar, flavored syrups, and mugs. Your caffeinated guests will have no problem dancing the night away.

Wedding Food + Drink Stations | Coffee Bar

Cedarwood Weddings | Kristyn Hogan

5. Cookies + Milk Bar

A cookies + milk bar is not only nostalgic, it's also an easy and budget-friendly DIY! Fill icy cold beverage dispensers with different types of milk ranging from 2% to almond. Then display a variety of cookies that were your childhood favorites like Oreos, Thin Mints, or a few dozen batches of your sweet grandma's secret recipe.

Wedding Food + Drink Bars | Cookies and Milk Table

Salty Sweet

6. Crudité Bar

Who says wedding food stations can't be healthy? Set out a veritable farmer's market of veggies along with an array of dips and hummus for a guilt-free good time.

Wedding Food Station Ideas | Crudité Bar

Patina Catering

7. Donut Bar

Donuts are a sugary treat that's universally loved by all. Plus, they're seriously budget-friendly and easy to turn into an impressive display! Create a grab-n-go donut bar by placing donuts on multi-tiered serving platters, or by stacking them on a wooden dowel. Add a hand-lettered sign and you've got an Instagram-worthy presentation.

Wedding Food Bar Ideas | Donut Station


8. Frozen Yogurt Bar

There are a-million-and-one ways to have an ice cream bar at your wedding, but how about a frozen yogurt bar? Just like at your neighborhood froyo shop, guests will be delighted to sprinkle a variety of toppings on top of their frozen yogurt flavor of choice. Tip: Some frozen yogurt companies now offer wedding catering, so inquire with your local shop!

Wedding Self-Serve Food Stations | Frozen Yogurt Bar

Surfin' Spoon

9. Hot Cocoa Bar

For weddings that include kiddos, for couples that aren't fans of coffee, or for warming up guests at chilly fall or winter weddings, consider a hot cocoa bar! Get creative with delish accoutrements like mini marshmallows, peppermint stick stirrers, chocolate shavings, and whipped cream.

DIY Wedding Stations | Hot Cocoa Bar

K. Lenox Photography | Aldworth Manor | Memorable Events

10. Juice Bar

Freshly-squeezed juices are über healthy, oh-so-yummy, and a surefire way to keep your parched guests deliciously hydrated—especially during a balmy summer wedding. Another vitalizing (and incredibly easy) idea is to have "spa water" on tap with thirst-quenching infusions of sliced cucumbers with mint leaves or cut-up strawberries with citrus.

DIY Wedding Stations | Self-serve Juice Bar

Rachel Rose Photography

11. Popcorn Bar

Here's another easy and inexpensive DIY station: Fill glass containers with different flavors of popcorn, and label each one so guests know their options. Provide scoops and favor bags, and let your guests have fun mixing up their own personal popcorn party.

DIY Wedding Food Bar | Self-serve Popcorn Station

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12. Potato Bar

You've no doubt heard of a mashed potato bar, but why discriminate? Potato snacks come in all shapes and sizes, from french fries to wedges to tater tots, and we love them equally. Which is why we prefer the all-inclusive "Spud Bar" version.

Wedding Food Bar Ideas | Potato Bar

Milou + Olin

13. Pretzel Bar

If loving carbs is wrong, we don't wanna be right. Serve up some hot pretzels during cocktail hour or set aside a late-night pretzel station with spicy mustard and queso for dipping.

Wedding Food Station Ideas | Pretzel Bar

Lisa Renault Photography | Bretzel & Compagnie

14. S'mores Bar

A s'mores bar is fun for both kids and kids at heart! Amp up the traditional ingredients with crowd-pleasers like peanut butter cups, dark chocolate, or handmade gourmet marshmallows. If you don't have access to a fire pit during your wedding, purchase a few Sterno heat cans—and don't forget the skewers or marshmallow roasting sticks! #safetyfirst

DIY Wedding Station Ideas | Make your own s'mores bar

Salt & Honey Catering + Events

15. Trail Mix Bar

It's like a candy table but better because you get salty mix-ins like peanuts, pretzels, and Chex cereal, as well as dried fruits like raisins and banana chips. The perfect antidote to the late-night munchies!

Wedding Food Bar Ideas | DIY Trail Mix Station

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