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UBER - Celebrate in Style

Chicago Brides & Grooms - Here Comes Your Ride!

Uber has been your favorite way to get around Chicago ever since your days as a single lady (or man), so it’s a no-brainer to use the same reliable service on the most important day of all: your wedding!
Whether it’s getting your great aunt to the bridal shower, celebrating your last night of freedom, or sending an over-indulgent guest home early, Uber is there to save your day.

Uber wants to hook you and all your guests up with their VIP Wedding Package:

  1. A personalized promo code good for $20 off any of your guests’ first ride.
  2. Sleek wedding graphics to help share your code with family and friends.
  3. Instant Uber-Chicago VIP status for you and your fiancé.

Click here to get more details on how you can get Uber’s VIP Wedding Package for your big day!

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