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Greater Chicagoland Area, will travel.

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Leap Weddings is truly “a departure from what you expect” from a traditional wedding video. Cookie-cutter? Not a chance. Cheesy? Never. Ben Mahoney and his team are young, fresh and as one industry professional describes them, “bad-ass.” Not only are they completely fun and easy to work with, but their brides tell us they were also “shocked in amazement” with what Leap Weddings did with their wedding footage. With their technical prowess, unmatched editing abilities, and ear for the perfect musical soundtrack, Leap Weddings fashions cutting-edge, storytelling wedding films that are a reflection of your distinct personal style. And they assure you it’ll be “Something you’ll (really) love for years to come.”

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“Our video is seriously amazing, and I always joke that I may be biased because it’s mine, but it is the best wedding video I have ever seen!

“Their shooting is great and they have an ability to capture unique moments—but the real draw is the editing. Ben Mahoney and his crew stylize videos so well they could make a Star Trek-themed wedding look like hipster nuptials.”

“We were shocked in amazement with what Leap Weddings did with all of our wedding footage. The creative editing and music selections for each segment helps to make a unique video, and we love that our video is not a cookie cutter video.”

“Leap made the planning process a piece of cake. They were so easy and wonderful to work with and extremely flexible and accommodating with all requests.”

Leap goes above and beyond what is expected. Their creativity and warm treatment is something you won’t get from just any other vendor.”

“They are professional, organized, quick to respond with email communications (an area where many other vendors are lacking), fun to be around, creative, and they just blew me away with the final product.”

“Ben might be one of the most charismatic dudes I know and his personality really shines in his creative abilities in the editing of the videos. He is soooo talented. He has this amazing ability to evoke all kinds of emotions even when you are watching videos of people you don’t know.”

“Leap Weddings makes videos that tell the story of a wedding day with a bit of an edge.”

“Leap Weddings is a vendor you can absolutely trust so that you can feel free to let go and just enjoy your big day—this is so important!”

“We actually had quite a few laughs with them, and I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. They definitely kept us calm, and relaxed and made everything a little more fun.”

“I think they caught everything on camera and it really encompassed the whole day. Can’t wait to watch it again!

“As far as I’m concerned they were perfect in every way.”

“I currently recommend them to random engaged people I meet on the street.”

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Questions and Answers

What 3 words best describe your work?
Fresh. Custom. Un-cheesy.
Tell us about your company name.
We wanted something visual and fun. Someone once told us, "Hey, I always see you guys jumping in your marketing photos, it seems like you have a lot of fun." We also liked the way it worked with the phrase "taking the leap" in regards to getting hitched.
What are the common misconceptions about your services?
That we only make wedding films! Our sister company, Ben Mahoney Productions, provides video services for commercials and live events and our in-studio salon, Epoch Studio Salon offers hair and make-up services for both weddings and commercial work as well as our normal salon clientele.
Tell us about a favorite, unusual or interesting moment at a wedding.
We're very humbled to be able to say that we've had many brides tell us we were the best decision they made for their big day.
What have weddings taught you?
Relax! Weddings are supposed to be a celebration. Step back and enjoy it.
Tell us about your pets.
Moose is our resident mascot bulldog. He's always in the studio greeting our guests.


Leap Weddings Covers These Areas:

  • Illinois
    • Chicago
  • And other areas by special arrangement.
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