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Chicago area, but travels worldwide!

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Ingrid Bonne’s enthusiasm is simply infectious. She loves everything about weddings and is especially interested in learning how each of her couples met and fell in love. A visual storyteller, she’ll capture the romance and emotion of your wedding day while making you feel glamorous and at ease. Ingrid’s photos are vibrant and full of life, and one of her fellow industry professionals attests, "I think it’s because Ingrid herself has so much personality and passion—she brings that out in her work."

Prices and/or Package Info

Wedding coverage begins at $3,800 and always includes coverage by Ingrid and a second photographer, a password-protected online gallery, and high-resolution digital downloads with printing rights.


“Ingrid is a loving, caring, HAPPY person and if you are able to book her for your wedding or other special photography occasion, you are going to be working with an incredibly smart woman who loves her job, loves her clients, and in turn all of that love will be reflected in your images.”

“She took a LOT of time to get to know me as a person and also to understand the vision of our wedding day; it was all about what we wanted and nothing about what she wanted. I felt so comfortable in her hands!”

“Ingrid is an asset to anyone’s wedding. I asked her how she captures such beautiful moments at each wedding? She responded that she falls in love with each one of her clients, their stories and families. With her generous spirit, I believe it. At my event, she made everyone feel so comfortable that we all behaved like goofballs for the camera! We really like candid photos and she did a great job of capturing us at our ‘most real’ moments.”

“Ingrid met with us prior to the date and asked every question imaginable to make sure she captured every shot.”

“Ingrid is a consummate professional. I interviewed a few photographers and she was without question the most responsive, the most courteous, the most engaging, and the easiest to relate to.”

“She’s an incredible artist. She also loves what she does. It comes through not only in the photographs that she takes, but in her energy in the planning stages. It’s infectious.”

“Ingrid has a very artistic and photojournalist type of style. None of her pictures looked forced or posed.”

“Her photos are so warm and creative. She seems to capture such private moments, as if she is part of each subject’s life.”

“Her ability to blend in, as well as gain the confidence of the nervous client is extremely helpful, especially when it’s your wedding day.”

“She treated me like one of her friends instead of a business venture and that personal touch made a huge difference in the planning and also at the wedding.”

“Ingrid made sure that she got every shot that we pre-planned for, and, she caught SO much of the emotion of the day in her candid shots that even now, I can still feel everything that happened when I look at them.”

“You get the feeling that she is truly honored and privileged to photograph your event—not like it’s just another job to her. I think having someone as excited about your special day as you are is a rare gift.”

“Ingrid was very easy to work with. I would rate my experience an A+. From start to finish she was just perfect.”

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Questions and Answers

What 3 words best describe your work?
Fun, artful, and REAL.
Why should someone hire you?
Well, besides being a talented photographer, of which there are SO many, I really take time to get to know each and every one of my clients. I like to spend time with all of them. Whether it's hanging out with them during our engagement session (usually we will go get food or drinks afterward and continue our day of fun, off-camera!), visiting both their ceremony and reception venues together, hooking up a few weeks before the wedding to go over the details of the day, or even inviting them to my studio post-wedding for a viewing party complete with food and beverages so they can re-live their day—my couples know that their wedding photographer is also their friend. Because we develop this trust and connection, the moments of their wedding day happen naturally and are very real and organic, thus enabling me to tell the true story of the day.
What are the common misconceptions about your services?
That the hours I work on the wedding day are the only hours I work. I spend way more time before the wedding and after the wedding, on any given client. I create and strengthen my relationship with the client, go over details, and location scout so that my part on their wedding day is fine-tuned and. After the wedding, I take the utmost care to perfect every image, so that I release a product that will invoke emotion in my clients, and for many, many generations to come.
What drew you to this field/how did you get started?
I started out in photography as a pet photographer. Whilst creating a pet photography business, I started second shooting weddings, and as a hopeless romantic who LOVES love, becoming a wedding photographer was the natural next step. A no-brainer. I still love photographing pets, and people with their pets, and always try to incorporate any of my client's furry friends in either the engagement shoot or the wedding day. Rewinding a little further, I decided to start a photography business originally because I was unhappy in my corporate America job and I wanted to do something that made people happy and the world a better place.
What are some sources of inspiration or influences on your work?
I am inspired by living things. I am inspired by smiles, hugs, high fives, guffaws, and even by tears and mourning. I love emotion and I especially love capturing moments of deep emotion. I love colors. Bright, bold, vibrant colors. I am very influenced by the things that make us unique and individual—I love imperfections.
What is the best advice you give a couple when planning their wedding?
I tell all of my couples that they need to try and take a little bit of time on the wedding day and go hideout with each other. Even if it's only for 10 minutes. The day goes by so fast (I know everyone says this, but IT IS TRUE!!) and before you know it, the day is over and the new husband and wife have not enjoyed a minute with each other away from the doting attention of friends and family. I say go stand in a corner and just observe all the people that are there to celebrate you. Also, ENJOY YOUR ENGAGEMENT!
What are 3 words that describe your personality?
Whimsical, authentic, sunshine.
What's your favorite quote?
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." —Dr. Seuss
What's your favorite marriage advice?
Marriage is constant work so don't get lazy! Keep talking to each other, keep involved in each other's lives and be supportive, but have your own interests, too. Also be kind to one another—that is very important.
Extracurricular activities:
Spinning, yoga, and hanging with my husband, family, friends, pets. Bad (and good) TV, dinner parties with friends (with or without foofy cocktails), theatre and acting. Really anything food-related (but I'm not a FOODIE)!!
If you weren't in your current profession, what would you do instead?
I would love to own a bed and breakfast somewhere/anywhere, but preferably somewhere warm. I am in constant pursuit of making people happy/happier.
What's your favorite way to wind down after a hard day?
I love to come home and curl up on the couch with my husband, perhaps some sort of tasty treat, and either some great music or an episode of a show that we've been following. This ritual relaxes me and makes me feel content.
Tell us about your pets, if you have any.
I have a dog, Mr. Pig, and a cat, Monkey. They are the cutest and they are best friends!
What are some of your favorite places to eat—either everyday spots or special occasion splurges?
THERE ARE SO MANY! My newest favorite is Little Goat (in Chicago). I have deemed it the place I take my friends on their birthdays :)


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