Wedding Accessories and Bridal Beauty Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed (and they’re all women-owned businesses!)

Women Owned Business BadgeIf there's one thing we support at Here Comes The Guide (besides weddings rooted firmly in love), it's our fellow sister women-owned businesses! We're putting a spotlight on 16 fantastic women-founded companies—with accessories and beauty supplies that will be *clutch* throughout your wedding planning journey. Not only are these products top notch, but the women behind them are truly remarkable—so you're sure to find something (or things!) you'll love.


The Mrs. Box

You know those swoon-worthy velvet ring boxes you keep seeing on Instagram? Yeah, that’s The Mrs. Box. A thoroughly modern rendition of the classic wedding heirloom—with your choice of 44 lush colors and countless personalized options like monograms, prints, and even a "pop" box for proposals.

Ring Bandits

It's nerve-racking being responsible for an expensive piece of jewelry, right? Throw it in your bag, and you risk damaging the hardware. Keep it on during an intense workout, and you risk injuring your finger. Ring Bandits to the rescue! These wrist accessories are both stylish AND functional—keeping your valuables safe within a hidden zipper pocket.

Bling Wipes

Bling Wipes are individually packaged, lint-free, disposable towelettes that safely remove soap, lotion, makeup, and oils from jewelry. They're perfect for throwing in your purse or carry-on to make sure your ring is blingin' no matter where you go. And it doesn't hurt that the packaging is adorable.

Olive & June Manicure System

Olive & June believes no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or what you wear, you can have a perfect manicure that makes you feel like your best self. A bunch of us Here Comes The Guide gals use Olive & June's at-home manicure system and are amazed by how flawless our nails look—and how long the polish holds up! A necessity if you take a lot of ring selfies.


Rent The Runway

Getting gussied up for all those pre-wedding events can really add up. And let's be real: how many times are you actually going to wear that fancy outfit again? Instead of wasting your wedding budget on attire you likely won't wear more than once, check out Rent The Runway. From petite to plus size and handbags to jewelry, they carry show-stopping designer looks that you can affordably rent and return.

Hot Mess Ice Roller

Prepping for your big day can take up a lot of energy...not to mention the bach party that typically involves one too many mimosas...and the rehearsal dinner where next-day recovery is key. That's where The Skinny Confidential’s Hot Mess Ice Roller comes in. It uses a medley of cold therapy and facial manipulation to snatch your jaw line, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and prep the skin for makeup application. Try it with the Ice Queen Facial Oil for a double-whammy of antioxidants and hydration!

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

Don't get it twisted—these aren't bedding accessories...they're beauty products! Slip uses the highest-grade silk fibers and non-toxic dyes for their revolutionary friction-reducing pillowcases: meaning you won't wake up with face creases and bed head on your wedding morning. We're equally obsessed with their silk sleep masks and scrunchies. #excuseuswhileweaddtocart

Care Package by Unique Markets

If you're looking for a gift for your wedding party, why not invest in something that gives back? We're all about shopping small and supporting diversity, so this company gives us all the warm-and-fuzzy feels. Care Packages are curated gift boxes filled with items from the best small businesses around the country—and 75% of the brands they stock are women, BIPOC, and minority-owned!


Plum Pretty Sugar Robes + Rompers

Plum Pretty Sugar is the pioneer of the Instagrammable bridal party robes. And now they've expanded their offerings to include bridesmaid rompers, pajamas, dresses, and more. They've also created a giveback program to help women in need across the country. So yeah, we're basically obsessed with them.

Sincerely Capri Bridal Locket

We just love seeing an updated spin on an old tradition, and Sincerely Capri has captured our hearts with their modern take on the bridal locket. These lockets are not only beautiful, but also functional with a magnetic design. The locket can be pinned on your bouquet or lapel, or worn on a chain as a necklace, to ensure your most precious memory is held close on your big day.

Twigs & Honey Hair Vines

If you’re not feeling the veil vibes and don’t want a traditional hair brooch, what are your options? We’re partial to these ethereal Twigs & Honey hair vines, that wind up a bridal braid or delicately climb through a cascade of curls. Since they’re twisted together with wire, hair vines are extremely flexible and versatile—and we have all the heart eyes for this fresh and modern interpretation of bridal hair adornment.

SPANX Wedding Shapewear

SPANX is a brand for women, by women. And their shapewear will help you feel your best on your big day. Yes, we love that their products will smooth and support you in all the right places—but we also love the support they give to women around the globe! From The Red Backpack Fund to The Belly Art Project, you can rest assured that a portion of proceeds go to elevating womenkind worldwide.


Solemates Heel Covers

Outdoor weddings are all the rage, but how do you keep your heels from sinking into the grass? Meet Solemates – the ultimate insurance policy for your stilettos! Solemates are a discreet and reusable plastic heel cover. By increasing the surface area on the bottom of the heel, the pressure is more evenly distributed—so you can walk across unsupportive surfaces with ease. Basically, they're an outdoor wedding game changer.

Something New Bridal Box Jackets

Who doesn't love a custom-embroidered wedding jacket though! It's the perfect accessory to wear as you embark on your wedding-send-off with your newly minted spouse. Something New Bridal Box has a stylish collection of denim and vegan leather jackets—all custom made by their expert artisans.

Flat Out of Heels Rollable Flats

Flat Out of Heels are rollable ballet style flats that can be a lifesaver when it comes time to tear up the dance floor at your reception. They use non-slip man-made leather, a memory foam-style cushion, and machine washable fabrics. Their mission is to empower women to step out of stilettos that cause sore feet and step into comfortable flats without sacrificing style! And that's a mission we can stand behind.


Savor Wedding Keepsake Box

Saving your wedding mementos has never been so easy, organized, or, dare we say? Fun. Savor has thought of everything: From sturdy fabric boxes with acid-free drawers, to illustrated pre-written labels, and stitched envelopes and fabric bags for everything from dried petals to hairpieces. Their storage systems are built to last as long as the memories they hold.


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