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5 tips to remember when attending a wedding show.

San Diego Wedding Party Expo

If you’re like most prospective brides and grooms, you’ll want to shop around for wedding-related services and compare quality and price before making your final decisions. Wedding shows and expos offer an efficient way to review what’s in the marketplace—you can check out florists and photographers, sample the wares of cake makers, and listen to the music of a variety of DJs. And if you haven’t yet selected your wedding garb, there’s always a lengthy production number with models showing off a wide range of wedding attire.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to actually talk to event professionals and ask them your burning questions—namely what can they do for you and how much will it cost. You’ll find out much more by chatting with experts in person than by calling unknowns from the internet.

Remember to:

  1. Leave plenty of time to browse.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes and carry a big bag with handles for all the business cards and promotional materials you’ll collect.
  3. Bring pre-printed labels or a stamp with your name and mailing address on it.
  4. Bring a checkbook or credit card so you can take advantage of bargains.
  5. Bring a friend. You’ll find that it’s more fun if you share the experience.

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