Wedding Dress Shopping 101

A few things you should know before you say YES to the dress.

Wedding Dress Shopping 101 | Bride on rooftop in a gorgeous Jenny Yoo dress from Lovely Bride

Lovely Bride x Jenny Yoo 'Leighton' Dress | Rebecca Carmel Photography

This is probably the most epic shopping trip of your life—for potentially the most expensive dress you'll ever wear! No pressure, right? *insert nervous laughter here*

But seriously—we've got you covered with some advice on wedding dress shopping so you'll know how to prep and what to expect. And definitely scroll to the end where we give you our top tips on feeling empowered and fabulous during your bridal gown appointment.

Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping | A view of the gown selection at Our Story Bridal

Our Story Bridal

To avoid potential aggravation, it's good to have an overview of how wedding dress shopping—and selling—is typically done. For example, did you know:

Kleinfeld Bridal | Jamie Levine Photography

Now that we've gone over the basics of how things work, let's move on to your actual shopping experience. Here are our top tips for feeling fabulous and empowered during your dress appointment:

1. Dress for Success

2. Build Yourself Up

3. Rely On Your Squad

4. Trust Your Gut

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