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Give the Gift of your Gown!

Your wedding gown was perfect, but admit it: You haven't thought much about your dress since the post-reception dry cleaning. Most of us are guilty of sticking our wedding dress in the back of a closet and forgetting about it. Sure, you can always keep it around for sentimental reasons (even though it's probably taking up precious space)… Or you could make the generous choice to donate your wedding dress to an awesome cause!

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Your donation can help a family or bride in need, while also giving your dress new life. And if that's not reason enough to gift your gown, donations are also tax deductible.

Donate your dress to any of these nationwide organizations, and they'll put it to great use:

And of course, you can always donate your wedding dress to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

You already said "I Do." Now you can proudly declare, "I Donate!"

Featured Charity for Dress Donations | BECOMING A CUPCAKE

Help women who have survived trafficking.

Becoming A Cupcake Wedding Dress Donations

Empower women globally by donating your wedding dress to Becoming A Cupcake! They've started a Wedding Dress Rental Shop and Events Business in Uganda that employs ladies who have been rescued from sex trafficking and forced marriage. These former victims are empowered with employment, skills training, and development—taking them out of vulnerable positions where they may get trafficked again.


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