17 Ideas for Planning an Epic Proposal

Pop the question. But make it epic.

Marriage Proposal Ideas | Pop the question in front of a picturesque city skyline

Janet D Photography

Planning the "perfect proposal" feels like a lot of pressure. So we're here to tell you to stop focusing on perfection and start focusing on personalization! Because when you pop the question in a super-custom way, it makes the moment even more memorable. From finding an unforgettable location to incorporating your passions and hobbies, we've got 17 ideas for planning an epic proposal.

1. Find an unforgettable setting—or view!

You can pop the question just about anywhere, but the proposal will be even more exceptional if you set the scene at a magical location. Maybe it's in front of an iconic landmark in the city you first met...or the location of your first kiss...or even your bucket-list dream destination! Having a fabulous backdrop will not only be great for photos, but also up the "epic" factor of the moment.

How to propose marriage | A stylish just-engaged duo posing in front of a colorful Palm Springs house

Ella Merrill Photography

2. Hire a professional photographer to document the event

Trust us. You'll be so wrapped up in this whirlwind moment, that you and your partner will appreciate having these images to help you remember every sweet detail.

Creative marriage proposal locations | a man down on one knee proposes to his girlfriend at Sekrit Theater

Courtney Cope Media | Sekrit Theater

3. Consider hiring a proposal planner

Yes, they do exist! Much like a wedding coordinator, a proposal planner will assist you with pulling off a unique and seamless engagement. #worthit

Proposal Ideas | Engaged couple takes photos in front of Washington DC monuments

Jontell Vanessa Photography

4. Include your nearest and dearest

If you and your partner are extroverts and firmly believe "the more the merrier", why not include some of your best friends, family members, or kiddos in your proposal plans?

Involve kids in your marriage proposal | A young boy wears a Mommy please say yes shirt to help dad propose

Logan Roquemore Photography

5. Wrap in your hobbies

Whether you met at a comic book convention, are total Disney fanatics, or play a mean game of frisbee golf together, incorporating your passions into your proposal is a great way to make it unforgettable! Because what could be more "you two" than getting engaged while doing your favorite thing?

A Disney-loving couple get engaged wearing Mickey and Minnie ears

Idalia Photography

6. Recreate a moment in time

Did you two go to prom together? Or have an incredible first date at a local dive? Or say "I love you" for the first time under the stars? Recreate that moment for your partner – but this time, ask for their hand in marriage. Don't you just love it when things come full circle?

Creative ideas for proposing to your partner | A newly-engaged gay couple embraces on a city rooftop

Tara Arseven Photography

7. Go all out with a theme

Are the two of you proud Star Wars nerds, or Potterheads, or Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, or craft beer connoisseurs? Embrace your unique partnership with a fully-themed proposal! Costumes optional, but encouraged.

A Harry Potter themed marriage proposal

The One Romance | Paul Grace Photography

8. Rent some striking décor

This is a moment you're going to remember forever, so decorate accordingly! Renting a beautiful arch, a festive lounge area, or colorful flower installations will make for some truly frame-worthy portraits.

Marriage Proposal Idea | Rent an arch or other decor elements for a stunning backdrop

Flit Photography | Ivey & Co Luxury Picnics

9. Have an adventure engagement

Whether the two of you skydive for fun, get a rush out of mountain biking, or enjoy scuba diving with sharks, embrace the adventurous spirit of your relationship by proposing during a thrilling activity.

An adventurous marriage proposal on skis on a snowy mountaintop

Mountain Magic Media

10. Create a custom soundtrack

Do the two of you have a favorite song, band, or musical soundtrack? Play it in the background as you pop the question, or hire live musicians to play it for you—and then use it as the song for your first wedding dance!

A couple dances in front of the ocean right after getting engaged

David Lai Weddings

11. Have your dog do the asking

Because really. Who can say no to a furbaby?

Dogs help with a marriage proposal by wearing will you marry our daddy signs

Photography by Laina

12. Integrate an heirloom

If your significant other has a treasured family heirloom, try to include that as part of your engagement. Whether it's a great-grandmother's ring or a vintage "something old" you can use on the wedding day, incorporating an heirloom makes the event that much more sentimental.

Proposal photo focusing on the couple holding hands and showing off their rings

Courtney Cope Media

13. Do it at home

Home is where the heart is, so it makes a lot of sense to set up an at-home proposal. Proposing in this private setting is perfect for homebody couples or introverted partners. But don't just phone it in! Get creative with a fun scavenger hunt around the house, or by setting up a romantic picnic in the backyard. You can even blow up photos of the two of you and place them around the room you plan to propose in.

A woman proposes to her girlfriend at home surrounded by photos, candles, balloons, and champagne

Chris Ferenzi Photography

14. Go through their stomach

If the way to your partner's heart is through their stomach, then appeal to their culinary sensibilities through food. Whether you hire a private chef to whip up a romantic dinner for two, or spell it out via pancakes during Sunday brunch, there are plenty of ways to pop the question through creative cuisine!

Proposal with Will You Marry Me shaped pancakes at Sunday brunch

Taryn Hinderland

15. Livestream your proposal

How do you propose in private while still sharing the milestone moment? We've got the answer: Put a stream on it! Livestream your marriage proposal to include your loved ones virtually—whether you're in some far-flung location halfway around the globe, or way up high in a hot-air balloon. The sky's the limit!

A couple livestreams their marriage proposal with Lovecast app


16. Have chilled champagne on hand

After you hear that enthusiastic "YES" (phew!), pop some bubbly to cheers to this momentous occasion! Save the cork if you're sentimental.

A newly-engaged couple pops champagne after the proposal

Tara Arseven Photography

17. Throw a proposal party

After you're officially engaged, whisk your newly-minted fiancé off to their very own surprise engagement party! Your friends and family will be thrilled to celebrate with you.

Post proposal engagement party with couple posing in front of She Said Yes banner

Jason Domingues Photography

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