How To Brand Your Wedding

Branding your wedding is all about the vibe.

How To Brand Your Wedding | Two brides have an intimate microwedding with golden summer vibes and geometric backdrop

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Think wedding branding only applies to influencers or couples with big budgets and high-end planners? Think again! We promise this isn't as fancy as it sounds: Branding your wedding is simply having a set of guidelines to inform the overall look and feel of your event. This can benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Having some general aesthetic guidelines will tie your entire event together
  2. It will make your design decisions easier by giving them structure
  3. It's an effective tool for communicating your wedding vision to your vendors
  4. It can help your planning stay focused, streamlined, and inherently less stressful!

To be clear, branding your wedding is not about being Pinterest-perfect. Instead, it's about landing on what you want your celebration to embody—both visually and emotionally—and bringing it to life through color, ambience, personalized elements, and thoughtful details.

Ready to brand your wedding like a boss? Let's do this.

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Come Up With Your Wedding Keywords

Before you can find your wedding style, it's important to land on some words that best describe what you and your partner want for your wedding. Think of words that describe both the style and feeling you're going for, as well as any uniquely distinguishing characteristics that represent who you are as a couple. Ask yourselves things like:

Write down a shortlist of 5–10 words to inform your wedding design and planning decisions moving forward. Some words to consider are: Welcoming, joyful, colorful, cozy, modern, glamorous, intimate, adventurous, casual, inclusive, energetic, artistic.

Bold red, black, and white modern wedding mood board

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Pin Images That Support Those Keywords

Now that you've gained some clarity by identifying your wedding keywords, head on over to Pinterest and save the images that align with your list. If you've already been pinning like crazy, check out this strategy for organizing your wedding pins. Filter out any pins that don't fit your chosen words, and you'll curate a focused collection of images.

Don't limit yourself to pinning strictly wedding photos! You want these images to inform your design decisions, so pin what inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. This may include patterns, textures, typography, interior design, flora + fauna, or imagery that sparks a certain feeling. As long as they align with your wedding keywords, they're fair game!

Pro Tip: Do you already have a color palette you really love? Make sure to pin things with those colors so they get incorporated into your mood board.

How to make a wedding mood board on Pinterest

Here Comes The Guide on Pinterest

Put Together A Wedding Mood Board

A mood board is simply a collection of images, text, patterns, textures, etc. pieced together in a cohesive collage. Making one for your wedding will be a huge help—not only for you, but for your vendors as well! Sharing this inspiration board will be a quick and easy way for your wedding vendors to grasp your vision. We'll be going over how to create a digital mood board, though you can always go old-school with magazine clippings and a glue stick.

Canva offers a ton of free mood board templates that you can drag-and-drop your favorite images onto. This mood board can be as simple or complex as you'd like; just make sure the images you've chosen successfully capture the vibe you're going for. We recommend having around 10 photos on your wedding mood board—so choose the ones that not only coordinate with each other, but that you also love.

Pro Tip: Remember that your mood board does NOT have to be perfectly matchy-matchy, but you do want the overall look to be cohesive.

Once you've curated your initial wedding mood board, take a step back and look at the full picture. Do the images in the mood board jibe with each other? Are the colors pretty consistent? Does it evoke the overall feeling you're going for? Do you love it?! Then you're good to go!

Mid-Century Modern Wedding Mood Board

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Finalize Your Wedding Colors

Pick the colors in your mood board that resonate with you most, and that coordinate well with each other. We recommend choosing anywhere from 2–4 colors for your color palette. Choose a good mix of light and dark tones for contrast. You can stretch your color palette even further by playing with opacity—creating multiple shades with varying saturation levels in the same color family. Yes, ombré is still a thing!

It's helpful to know the color codes for your palette if you'd like to use these exact colors on your wedding website or printed materials. You'll want the HEX codes for web, and the CMYK color codes for print. Canva will tell you the HEX codes (they're the 6-digit code that begins with a pound sign) and you can use a HEX to CMYK converter if you need the colors for print!

Pro Tip: It's also helpful to decide upon 2–3 wedding fonts. Use these same fonts throughout your wedding website and paper goods for consistency. A heading font, body copy font, and spiffy accent font will have you covered!

Black and white wedding invitation suite with bold typography

Lindsay Steele Photography | Margot Hill | Kristal Childs | Timber Bloom Design

Consider A Wedding Logo, Monogram, or Motif

This is totally optional of course, but having some sort of motif or symbol to weave throughout your wedding design is a chic and personalized way to tie everything together. Perhaps your bestie is a talented calligrapher that could design you a custom wedding monogram. Or maybe you and your fiancé have matching infinity tattoos that could be used as a graphic element throughout. From geometric shapes to a simple wordmark, motifs and symbols are a stylish way to keep things cohesive.

Want to request a crest? We're huge fans of The Crest Bar by Simply Jessica Marie. She offers customizable watercolor crests with unique monogram designs and over 100 hand-painted icons—from florals and pet portraits to state silhouettes—so your crest will be a true reflection of your life and love story. Plus, you can add an heirloom art print or put your crest on everything from cocktail napkins and koozies to cornhole boards! #notsponsored #justfangirlingoverhere

The Crest Bar custom wedding crests, koozies, and cornhole board

Simply Jessica Marie | Sami Kathryn Photography | Adelyn Boling Photography | Erica Streelman Photography

Weave Your Branded Elements Throughout

Now's the fun part. With your color palette, inspiration board, motifs, fonts, and keywords to guide you, you can bring your wedding "brand" to life. The opportunities to customize your wedding are endless, but here are a few places to start:

Branding your wedding doesn't mean everything needs to be custom-designed to match. For example, you can totally pick your favorite invitation design from a pre-made website like Minted! Even if the invitation design uses different fonts or slightly different hues, will it still look right at home in your wedding mood board? Then you're good to go.

Pro Tip: A wedding planner can absolutely help bring your wedding mood board to life. If you really want a certain aesthetic for your event but don't feel you have the design chops, seek out a planner or event designer with swoon-worthy style.

Watercolor wedding monogram used on invitations, menu cards, napkins, and the wedding cake

Ailyn La Torre Photography | Jennifer Matteo Event Planning | Emily Baird Design | 2 Birds Events | The Artistic Whisk

Last Tip? Stay Consistent!

The whole point of this wedding "brand" is to keep your design cohesive and your mind focused. So once you decide upon your elements, don't second guess yourself or fall victim to shiny object syndrome. You did the work upfront to make intentional decisions—so trust the process and enjoy the beautifully-branded results!

That being said, don't stress if the wedding programs don't perfectly match the bridesmaid dresses. Your guests may not remember the monogrammed cake topper or perfectly-patterned tablecloths, but they WILL remember the way your wedding made them feel. Place the utmost importance on translating the feeling of your mood board to your wedding, and everything else will be the icing on the proverbial wedding cake.

How To Brand Your Wedding | Here Comes The Guide

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