Get The Most Out of a Bridal Fair

We know how it is. When the euphoria of the engagement begins to fade, you’re struck by a flutter of panic: “I need to plan the wedding!” Suddenly, the mountain of decisions that requires your personal attention seems as daunting as scaling Everest in your bathrobe and slippers.

Relaaaaax. This is the fun part!

Remember when you were little and it was your birthday? You wore a paper crown, received the first piece of cake with a big frosting flower on it, and everyone gave you presents? That’s what it’s like being a bride (or groom!). And one place where you’re definitely the guest of honor is at a bridal fair.

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The 411 On Fairs

Bridal fairs are actually the most convenient way to learn about a myriad of wedding options in one place, from a fashion-forward wedding dress to a kitschy cake topper. It would take you months to meet with all the businesses that the top bridal show producers pack into one fair. Pamela Noxon of San Diego Wedding Party Expo notes, “Savvy couples look to fairs to help them make educated decisions in a time-efficient manner.” Fairs also bring tangibility to shopping for services. At a fair, you can have a direct, sensory experience that you simply don’t get online. Taste the cakes, smell the flowers, listen to the bands, try on the wedding jewelry, touch the invitations. And once you’re face-to-face with the experts, you can ask them your most burning questions: Can my wedding cake be chocolate? (Absolutely.) Do you recommend Maui or Cancun for my October honeymoon? (Maui. It’s hurricane season in the Yucatan.) Does that bridesmaid’s dress come in puce? (Don’t go there.)

Where else but at a bridal fair can you preview ceremony and reception locations, touch luxurious wedding paper goods, see and hear entertainers live? As you walk past the exhibitors, you’ll be encouraged to sign up for gift registries (it’s never too soon to pick your china pattern!). Caterers will tempt you with the likes of grilled ahi pupus, champagne garnished with strawberries, and nibbles of buttercream-frosted cake (just work it off in Pilates class). You and your entourage can play with wedding jewelry and bridal fashion accessories like veils and tiaras (go ahead and pick out a grand, sparkly one!). You’ll soak up splashy décor ideas, as well as a few freebies along the way. Bay Area Wedding Fairs in Northern California features a $10,000 Wedding Package for one lucky couple PLUS 50 Las Vegas giveaways and stage prizes galore! (And they also have a wine tasting at every event, so if you win you can celebrate...and if you don’t you can ease the disappointment!)

The highlight of most wedding fairs is the fashion show, with models decked out in the newest designer wedding dresses, tuxes and formal wear strutting the runway. This is when you may begin to envision your own personal aisle style! Tatiana Byron of The Wedding Salon says, "Bridal fairs that produce a fashion show give couples the extra edge in planning their big day. Not only can brides and grooms view the latest wedding styles from the runways, but they also get a peek into hair, makeup, music, and décor trends."

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So Little Time, So Many Fairs…

When deciding what fairs to attend, start out at, which lists many nationwide bridal events. Choose a fair in the same geographical area where you’re planning to hold your wedding, in order to meet vendors servicing that region. Talk to your married friends and see which expos they found the most interesting. We suggest attending no more than three fairs, or you risk getting a case of the dreaded Bridal Fair Burnout.

Not all bridal fairs are alike. “Mega Fairs” are usually held in a spacious hotel ballroom or a convention hall. BrideWorld in Southern California is known for producing some of the largest and most well-attended expos in the industry. The upside of these shindigs is volume—you can see the most vendors and options for your buck. The large crowds tend to create an energetic buzz, and there’s a good chance you’ll get caught up in the excitement, too. On the other hand, you may find it a tad overwhelming. In that case, opt for a “Boutique Bridal Fair,” frequently sponsored by a particular location or vendor, like a cake maker or caterer. These are usually more leisurely affairs, region-specific, and often quite upscale. Although there are fewer event pros on hand, there are also fewer brides and grooms, so you get to spend quality time with the experts. If your reception location happens to sponsor an open house prior to your wedding, this is a golden opportunity to meet their preferred vendors one-on-one, all in one place. Then there are bridal events that cater to folks with a particular religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation. Vendors at these fairs are familiar with the unique needs of these groups (e.g. special foods, accessories, etc.).

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The Bride’s Motto: “Be Prepared”

Just as bridal fairs help you prepare for your wedding, you should properly prepare for a fair. Like a good general drawing up plans before the battle, you’ll benefit from your own plan of attack: making a checklist of required services, accessories and design questions will streamline your efforts.

Pre-registering for these events saves you time at check-in, and often a few bucks. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes—you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Bring a large bag, backpack, or even a carry-on with wheels to store all the brochures and free magazines you’ll be grabbing. Bring your credit card and also some cash. There are usually special sales on cool accessories, and not everyone takes plastic. You’re going to be collecting business cards, so have a designated case or folder in your bridal organizer (BrideWorld attendees get a free wedding planning workbook!) or simply enter the contact info (and notes about your impressions!) right into your smart phone. It’s also helpful for brides who have already selected their gown and bridesmaid dresses to bring a color swatch along—useful when browsing jewelry, tiaras, and other accoutrements. And although you’ll be snacking at the fair, it’s a good idea to eat a small meal before setting out—it will keep you from wolfing down an excessive number of ahi tuna skewers and mini-tacos.

The most important thing to bring with you is a companion, someone to bounce ideas off of or keep you from making an impulsive decision you may later regret. Pamela Noxon advises attending one show with a friend or relative, and another with your fiancé.

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Ready, Set, Go!

So here you are at last, meeting and greeting prospective florists, caterers, DJs, etc. When you’re interested in a particular service, make sure you get current contact information, including the name and title of the person you’re speaking to. Find out if this individual will actually be involved in your event (he or she may just be helping out at the booth). The best way to get a “feel” for the service is to advance as high up on the proverbial food chain as possible, even if you have to wait a few minutes for a key person’s attention. For example, you think Pam’s Photography has the best photos you’ve ever seen, and you begin discussing your photographic needs with a charming woman in the booth who you discover is Pam’s assistant. That’s all fine and dandy, but you really should talk with Pam herself, since she’s the one who’ll be taking the pictures. And if you’re looking at, say, invitations, and you don’t see a style that matches your vision, then ask the vendor. Many simply can’t bring all of their samples to the show.

At the most prestigious fairs, vendors are hand-selected with the highest standards in mind. But it’s always appropriate to request your own references. If you’ve already set your wedding date and you cross paths with the DJ of your dreams (He’s playing our song! It must be fate!) then go ahead and find out if he’s available. You should always feel comfortable with a vendor’s attitude toward you and your event. Here’s an insider tip from Pamela Noxon: “Notice which vendors listen to your needs. A quality vendor should ask you questions such as, ‘What have you envisioned so far?’ and ‘What do you want to avoid?’” A good rule of thumb is to proceed cautiously, yet decisively—popular vendors book early. Besides, many of the vendors offer special discounts at bridal shows and the savings can add up.

Another thing: we know you were raised to be polite, but you don’t have to give your contact information out to everyone—provide it only to those vendors that make your shortlist. Schedule appointments with your favorite professionals and have fun!

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Exit Stage Right

If the thought of tasting one more piece of wedding cake makes you queasy, or seeing yet another photo of a smooching couple has you ready to draw mustaches on their faces, then you’ve had enough for one day. Armed with your notes, a collection of business cards, and 27 pounds of brochures and magazines, head for the door.

A day or two later, after the initial excitement has passed, it’s time sort through the bridal booty with your partner, and decide which vendors, tablescapes, and ideas left an impression. Some cards may end up in the recycling bin, others on your vision board, but chances are you’ll have a better action plan than BBF (before bridal fair!).

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