A Wedding Planning Gratitude List

Besides your fine fiancé, there are lots of things to be thankful for during wedding planning!

We know it's not always buttercream and ballgowns, but even when the planning gets tough we encourage you to embrace and enjoy this special season of life.

To help you along, we've put together a short wedding planning gratitude list—and totally advocate coming up with some ideas of your own:
  1. Yoga pants for curling up on the couch with HereComesTheGuide.com.
  2. Coffee when you need to amp up your planning productivity.
  3. Wine to help you unwind.

Bride and groom chugging wine from the bottle

Ashton Byrne Photography

  1. Hilarious wedding movies like Bridesmaids.
  2. Pretty notebooks to write all of your wedding to-do lists in.
  3. When your fiancé eagerly helps out with a wedding task.
  4. Catering tastings. And cake tastings.
  5. Donut walls.

A pink wall of wedding donuts

Kalm Kitchen | Marianne Taylor Photography

  1. Signature cocktails.
  2. Your friends / wedding party / family. They've got your back.
  3. Netflix binges. Planning stress, be gone!
  4. Wedding discounts.
  5. Dogs at weddings.

Newlyweds kissing their French bulldog ring bearer

Jessica Burke Photography

  1. Chocolate.
  2. Wedding dresses with pockets.
  3. That bridesmaid dresses no longer have to match.
  4. Registering for gifts or honeymoon excursions.
  5. Extra excuses to get a mani-pedi #treatyoself
  6. Planes, trains, and automobiles that bring loved ones from all over to your big day.

Bride wipes away happy tears as she greets her dad

Aevitas Weddings

Moral of this story: Even when the planning gets tough, we hope you enjoy this season of life with an attitude of gratitude.

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