19 Engagement Photo Ideas That Rock Our Socks Off

Are you looking for unique photo ideas for your engagement session?

Look no further—these couples nailed it.

1 } Get adventurous. Whether it be on a mountaintop...

Engagement photos on a mountaintop

Lauren Fair Photography

2 } Or indoor rock climbing!

Rock climbing engagement photos

David Lai

3 } If love's got you floating on cloud 9, a hot-air balloon is quite appropriate.

Engagement photos in a hot-air balloon

Heather Anderson Photography

4 } Be at home, in your happy place.

Engagement photos at home

Carissa Marie Photography

5 } Or be super extra and do your e-sesh underwater.

Underwater engagement photos

Cameron Ingalls

6 } Add a splash of color, whether it be a mural...

Engagement photos in front of a colorful mural

Manali Anne Photography

7 } A colorful smoke bomb...

Engagement photos with smoke bombs

E Schmidt Photography

8 } Or if you get lucky, a rainbow! Slay, Mother Nature.

Engagement photos under a rainbow

April B Photography

9 } Confetti is an inexpensive way to add a touch of whimsy.

Engagement photos with confetti

Adrienne Gunde Photography

10 } Pop champagne. It's a celebration, bishes!

Engagement photos with a pop of champagne

Randy + Ashley

11 } Grab your boo and get a bicycle built for two...

Engagement photos on a bike

Christina McNeill

12 } Or embrace your inner Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

Engagement photos on a motorcycle

Sara K Byrne

13 } You can always take it to the candy shop...

Engagement photos at a candy shop

Leah Marie Photography

14 } Or the bar where you first met.

Engagement photos at a bar

Maypole Studios

15 } Love sports? Strike a pose at your fave team's stadium.

Engagement photos at a stadium

Aevitas Weddings

16 } Why not get the whole family involved? #furbabiesarelife

Engagement photos with your dogs

Ingrid Bonne Photography

17 } Get up close and personal with a historic landmark.

Engagement photos under the Golden Gate Bridge

Sasha Photography

18 } Dance like no one is watching.

Unique engagement photo ideas

Gerber + Scarpelli Photography

19 } Let your freak flag fly!

Engagement photos in costume

Ingrid Bonne Photography

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