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Certified By The Guide wedding professionalsWhy have a wedding film? To not only see yourself and your loved ones in action, but also hear their voices, speeches and vows! And there’s nothing better than watching the Best Man bust a move on the dance floor in live-action. Brides, grooms and other wedding professionals love the Illinois and Chicago Area wedding videographers listed below. How do we know? We ask them ourselves—and if we don’t hear raves, we don’t consider them Certified By The Guide. Before you select a videographer, make sure all your questions are answered—in writing!

Leap Weddings - Chicago, Illinois

Leap Weddings Chicago

Category: Videographer

Leap Weddings is truly “a departure from what you expect” from a traditional wedding video. Cookie-cutter? Not a chance. Cheesy? Never. Ben Mahoney and his team are young, fresh and as one...

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Jiu Studio Video Production - Chicago, Illinois

Jiu Studio Video Production Chicago

Category: Videographer

Jiu Studio is a group of talented filmmakers and visual artists who love telling meaningful stories through film. They create modern, cinematic wedding films that capture the intricacies, emotions and...