Certified By The Guide Wedding Vendors

Certified By The Guide wedding vendorsOur goal is to represent only the BEST event professionals in the wedding industry. In order to achieve this, we thoroughly screen all of the wedding vendors listed on HereComesTheGuide.com. That means you don't have to take a chance on some anonymous photographer, wedding planner or caterer. wedding vendors has been carefully checked out and Certified By The Guide.

We've gone to a lot of trouble to pre-screen all the wedding vendors you’ll find on HereComesTheGuide.com. Every one of them has: 

Our certification process requires each vendor to submit a reference list. We then contact each person ourselves to get their honest feedback. Only if the company gets rave reviews do we list them on our website.

Our motto? We only list wedding vendors that we'd recommend to our own sisters, brothers, and best friends.

Question: Why don't you offer the chance to leave a review of a vendor on your website? I'd like to make a comment on a wedding vendor.

Great question! We absolutely see the value in reading reviews from other brides, grooms, or clients—that's why we're very careful with them. We've seen phony reviews either slamming or talking up businesses on other websites. It's very hard for those websites to monitor and verify comments. We decided to take a different approach. We only post reviews that we have collected, so we can feel confident that they are the real deal.

That being said, if we receive verified negative reviews about any given vendor on our website, we reserve the right to take them down.

If you have any feedback—whether positive or negative—on any of the vendors you see on our website, by all means, let us know by email or phone (510/548-0400).

Certified By The Guide Wedding Vendors

Annoying—but necessary—disclaimer:
Even though we've checked out all of our wedding vendors very carefully, we can't guarantee their performance. Here Comes The Guide is not responsible for the contract you ultimately sign with them, or for how your event goes. Our best advice is to be thorough, careful consumers and get every single thing in writing. This is what we tell our family members and best friends, so this is what we're telling you.

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