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Here Comes The Guide brides receive a complimentary passed hors d’oeuvre selection when you book your wedding with FIG Catering! A minimum order is required, please call for further information.

Services Offered

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more innovative and flexible caterer than FIG. Want to break away from the cake cliché to serve a pie buffet? You got it. Determined to have a strictly vegan—and fully delectable—wedding? They’ve got you covered. Want an exotic, ethnic spread that’s completely out-of-the-box using ONLY seasonal ingredients?? You’re in luck—that’s their specialty. To put it simply, FIG Catering is wedding food fit for a “foodie.” They believe in completely customized menus, imaginative (and sometimes adventurous!) food pairings, and sourcing local, organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible.

FIG stands for “For Intimate Gatherings,” and they offer their catering services for events with 2-150 guests. Packages start at $75 per person for a full-service wedding including food, service, and rentals.

Questions and Answers

What 3 words best describe your work?

Food: Fresh. Seasonal. Rustic. Service: Knowledgeable. Responsive. Professional.

Tell us about your company name.

My husband and business partner, Justin, wanted to use the colors of fresh figs in our logo. After thinking about it, I came up with the acronym FIG, which stands for "For Intimate Gatherings" AND we got to use the colors and imagery of figs.

Why should someone hire you?

Your guests will not be bored with the wedding food and you won't have to worry about it.

What are the common misconceptions about your services?

That all the food is cooked off-site and brought in – we cook all meat, fresh pasta/risotto, and other elements on-site even if the venue doesn't have a kitchen.

What drew you to this field/how did you get started?

I've always loved food and grew up in my family's restaurant, so food service was a logical place for me to end up…but I started my career in advertising. I eventually came back to food through a job as a personal chef on a private yacht. When my husband and I met, we were both working in the restaurant industry and a friend of ours asked us to cater a small political fundraiser for a campaign she was working on. Shortly afterwards, FIG was born.

What are some sources of inspiration or influences on your work?

My dad, Chef Rick Bayless, and tons of neighborhood chefs.

Tell us about a favorite, unusual or very interesting moment at a wedding:

There are so many—from when a couple borrowed our old chef's knife to cut a special pie made just for them, to serving an old customer of ours surprise mashed potatoes (because they were a favorite of hers at the restaurant we met at), to a dancing costumed bride and groom interrupting dinner service.

What makes a wedding memorable for you?

The individual touches that each couple brings to the celebration—whether it's a specialty cocktail, unique clothing or jewelry pieces, or most especially, their favorite foods.

What have weddings taught you?

That most brides are NOT bridezillas.

What is the best advice you give a couple when planning their wedding?

Don't listen to what everyone else wants—do what YOU want. Take important opinions into consideration, but ultimately, it’s up to you.

If you could have any superpower on the job, what would it be?

To be a super choreographer because that's what catering takes—the perfect steps.

What are 3 words that describe your personality?

Down-to-earth. Determined. Positive.

What's your favorite book/movie/work of art?

Book: Native Son. Movie: The World According to Garp.

If you weren't in your current profession, what would you do instead?

I’d probably still be in advertising or marketing. But maybe baking bread or making ice cream at an independent shop.

What’s your favorite way to wind down after a hard day?

Having a glass of wine.

Tell us about your pets, if you have any.

Two cats—Phoenix and Cuda—who are both in their teens so getting up there. With my schedule, it's too hard to have dogs.

What are some of your favorite places to eat—either everyday spots or special occasion splurges?

At home—if we actually have energy to cook. Nightwood, oysters at the Publican, and anywhere on vacation.

About This Company

FIG Catering was a founding member of The Green Chicago Restaurant Co-op and is a member of the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance.

FIG Catering Covers These Areas:

  - Downtown Chicago
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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You Need To Know...
Vendor Type { Caterer }
Company Founded { 2005 }

Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“The food was absolutely amazingly delicious. It was like the angels sang when I tried everything.”

“We really liked their hip and independent style. Honest. Creative. Conscientious. Fun. Competitively priced.”

“If I could find some reason to get married again (to my same super awesome husband) I would just so FIG could cater it.”

“People still tell us how our food was the best food they’d ever had at a wedding.”

“Everything was immaculate and beautiful beginning to end.”

“Everyone relished every bite. After the event I had so many people ask about the food. It was ideal.”

“I (the bride) have TONS of allergies and am notoriously difficult to cook for. FIG made me the most delicious and allergy-free plate. It was honestly one of the first times I ate all my food (when not cooking for myself) in years!”

“They’re a modern shop with good old-fashioned business manners.”

“In the end, the food was exactly what we wanted—tasted great, looked great, and was very seasonable and fresh. They knew we were vegetarians and wanted to have a pretty low impact wedding and they took great strides to not have a lot of left overs, only use linens, season veggies, and just limit waste.”

“Our wedding rocked and FIG was a huge part of that!”

“Molly and Justin are just really down to earth and so easy to work with. They always addressed my questions and concerns in a timely manner.”

“The menu was gorgeous, and exactly what we wanted—built by a great variety of menus and options they gave us, and then also catered to specifically what we wanted.”

“They worked with us to create a menu that was budget-friendly without sacrificing taste or presentation.”

“They also were willing to do a custom cocktail (lavender gin + tonics) based on our own recipe!”

“The chefs for FIG are great and have exacting standards. All the food was perfect!

“I think you know you have a good caterer when your meat and potatoes loving guy friends go on to tell you how much they not only loved their entrees but the salad, as well.”

“I was a very untraditional bride in a market where everything was suited for the traditionalist. Molly and Justin had the vision and skill to pull off my wedding and make it an event people are still talking about today. It will go down in the annals of awesome weddings because of them.”

“There is literally no one I wouldn’t recommend FIG to. I would love to have many more chances to work with them and to eat the fare that they would create.”

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