Let's talk about sex, baby!

Oh, and romance and relationships, too.

Vera Wang: The Significance of a Wedding Proposal

Vera Wang: The Significance of a Wedding ProposalWhile the thought of marriage can be compelling, the headiest and most exciting part of a love story is always the proposal. That instant when you both just know. Whoever does the asking, the sheer thrill of being desired can be positively intoxicating, like the beginning of a new love affair; only this time with the added comfort and security of commitment.

Wedding Planning: The First Big Relationship Challenge

Wedding Planning: The First Big Relationship ChallengeBy first discussing how you will collaborate on your wedding planning, you will establish a framework of expectations, decision-making and action based on practical realities of who you are and what you are, in fact, able to do. Thinking ahead of the curve will reduce misunderstandings and disappointments down the road.

Tips for a Romantic Getaway

Tips for a Romantic GetawayWhether you’re planning a retreat to a quaint B&B or a luxurious resort, here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you prepare for your romantic getaway. Owwww! Have fun, you two crazy lovebirds.

Eleven Romantic Getaways

A Dozen Romantic GetawaysWANTED: A special place for a romantic escape. Scenic, natural surroundings required. Must be lavished with sensual creature comforts. Obliging yet unobtrusive service preferred. Does this imaginary classified ad sound like something you might have written? If so, we’re answering your cry for help with eleven of the best places in California for a romantic weekend.

S-e-x (The 3-letter word)

S-e-x (The 3-letter word)Let's talk about sex. As a culture we're obsessed with it. But what matters most is what's right for you and your partner. Are you able to fully express your hearts and share the deepest parts of yourselves with each other? Is there a reciprocity to your loving that grows and evolves as you do?

It's My Wedding, Too!

It's My Wedding, Too!Nowadays more grooms are taking on a larger role in the wedding-planning process. The wedding belongs to both bride and groom. Read why real men plan weddings.

They Lived Happily Ever After

They Lived Happily Ever AfterThe Big Day is just that—a big day. If you really want to nurture and sustain your marriage over the long term, developing solid relationship skills is the most important investment you can make. (We hear you groaning, but seriously.) If you want to make sure your relationship is going to last, read this.

The Last Taboo: How Talking About Money Can Save Your Marriage

The Last TabooIf you want your marriage to succeed, you have to be transparent with your loved one. And that means being as open as possible about the last taboo—your finances. We discuss how talking about money can save your marriage.