We get lots of questions from brides (and grooms, of course!) and we’re here to answer them for you, with plenty of help from our "Certified By The Guide" wedding professionals.

The list below gives you the option to read some of our wedding-related A's to your Q's.

Wedding Venue Dilemma: Ceremony and Reception in Same Place or Two Different Venues?

Wedding Venue Dilemma: Ceremony and Reception in Same Place or Two Different Venues?All-in-one venues are preferred for the obvious reason: It's so much easier! And while booking two different venues may involve a bit more effort, sometimes it's the only way to get exactly what you want. So...should you commit to one wedding venue for both your ceremony and reception, or do you book two?

Brides Want To Know: Trunk Shows

Trunk Show TipsSo, what exactly IS a wedding dress trunk show? And is it worth going to one? We answer this question and describe what a trunk show experience entails. Plus, we give you tips for how to get the most out of going to one!

Brides Want To Know: Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Brides Want To Know: Do I Need Wedding Insurance?Let's face it: Anything can happen on your wedding day, so don't be lulled into thinking that your event is immune from disaster. Wouldn't it be nice to have some protection and peace of mind in case something happened to your venue, gown, or vendors? Wedding insurance can financially protect you against a variety of unexpected problems that could tarnish your special day—and bank account. Read more…

Brides Want To Know: Do We Have To Split The Guest List Fifty-Fifty?

Do We Have To Split The Guest List Fifty-Fifty?Dear Here Comes The Guide: We are planning a fairly upscale and costly wedding for our daughter. It is a destination wedding for our guests, but more local for the groom side. Therefore, our guests are not as likely to attend as the groom side. Do we have to split the guest list fifty-fifty? What is the norm?

Brides Want To Know: Destination Wedding Thank-You Notes

Destination Wedding Thank-You NotesDear Here Comes The Guide: I had a destination wedding. Should I send a thank-you note to those guests that came to the wedding, but did not buy us a gift?

Brides Want To Know: Destination Wedding Etiquette—Who Pays?

MontereyTides HotelDear Here Comes The Guide: My fiance and I are considering a destination wedding somewhere in California. We aren’t sure what the expectations are in terms of covering the costs of our guests. Also, what do you think is the best place for a California destination wedding? 

Brides Want to Know: A Question of Religion

A Question of ReligionDear Here Comes The Guide: Neither my fiancé nor I are at all religious despite our upbringings, though we do share a broad-based spirituality. Our families are much more traditional, and might be offended if our wedding ceremony is entirely secular. Is there a way to honor the belief systems of our parents without being hypocritical?

Brides Want to Know: Hors d'oeuvre Dilemma

Hors d'oeuvre DilemmaCan you tell me how many hors d’oeuvres per person is the norm for a cocktail wedding reception? I’m not having dinner, just hors d’oeuvres and cocktails for about four hours. I need to figure out my menu and am at my wits end trying to find the answer!

Brides Want to Know: Wedding Band or DJ?

Live Music or Wedding DJ?My fiancé and I have most of our wedding plans set, except the music for our reception. We can’t decide between live entertainment and a disc jockey. The reception will be indoors with about 150 guests. We have to keep an eye on cost, too. Are bands always more expensive? What do you recommend?

Brides Want to Know: Guessing the Guest Count

Dear Here Comes The Guide: I’m inviting 178 guests to my wedding and I want to get a better idea of what the final count will be. Is there any way to estimate how many people won’t attend?