19 of the Funniest Wedding Signs We've Ever Seen

1. This makes the word "shitballs" look positively fancy!

Holy Shitballs | Funny Wedding Signs

Hot Metal Studio

2. Hilarious wedding crashers are always welcome.

If you're crashing this party you better be funny | Hilarious Wedding Signs

Mandee Johnson Photography | Something Turquoise

3. Hell yeah!

Can I get a witness? Funny Wedding Signs

Cheney Mansion | Emmalee Luckas Photography

4. In case there was any confusion...

Your place is on the dance floor | Funny Wedding Signs

Agape Planning | Fashion Island Hotel | Adrian Jon Photography

5. This sign just screams "good times ahead!"

Seriously Awesome Couple Getting Married | Funny Wedding Signs

f8 Photo Studios

6. Because let's be real: Everyone's there for the party.

Everyone Parties | Hilarious Wedding Sign Ideas

Camarillo Ranch | Joshua Rainey Photography

7. Good vibes only.

No Sides Just Good Vibes | Funny Wedding Sign

Erich Chen Photography | Olowalu Plantation House | Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events

8. Just please refrain from being "that guy".

Don't Be This Guy | Funny Wedding Sign

Shupe Homestead | Ash Durham

9. In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss...

Mutual Weirdness | Hilarious Wedding Signs

BeauMonde Originals

10. Now let's get it poppin!

Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table | Funny Wedding Signs

Heather Roth Fine Art Photography

11. Perfect if your signature cocktail's a gin and tonic...

Let the night be GIN | Hilarious Wedding Signs

Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

12. We now officially have the "s" word twice on our website.

Shit just got real | Hilarious wedding sign

James Simmons Photography

13. Gotta love a good 'warning' sign by the open bar!

The Terrace Club | Tony and Elena Smith Photography

Open Bar Warning Sign - Drunken moments will be documented | Funny wedding signs

Carolina Country Weddings and Events | Kivus & Camera

14. Let's shimmy on over to the dance party!

Shimmy This Way! Funny Wedding Sign

Apollo Fotografie | iEmaginate Events

15. With enough liquid courage anyone can be a dancing machine.

Awkward but enthusiastic dancing | Funny wedding signs

Elk Stylist

16. Reception's jumpin' bass is pumpin'♫

Don't just stand there bust a move | Funny wedding sign

Cassandra Farley Photography

17. Get it right, get it tight!

Booty rocking everywhere | Hilarious wedding signs

Andie Avery Photography | Hey Halle

18. All the warm and toasty feels.

Where Friends and Marshmallows Get Toasted | Funny wedding signs

Alicia Petitti Photography

19. Good point.

Photo Op - Makes remembering tonight way easier later | Funny wedding signs

Claire Byrne Photography | Elk Stylist

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