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Elegant Weddings Marriage License Service

Wedding Marriage License Service
Main Office Location:
By Appointment Only
Westlake Village, California
Contact: Dr. Kimber Lee Wilkes
Phone: 818/889-8706
Service Area:

Los Angeles County

Services Offered

Elegant Weddings Marriage License Service gives engaged couples a hassle-free way to obtain their marriage license—without the trouble of endless paperwork or standing in line! Dr. Kimber Lee Wilkes can obtain a confidential marriage license for you while working around your busy schedule.

Go to her website and fill out the license application there, or Kimber Lee can email or fax the licensing paperwork to you. Upon completing the forms, a brief meeting is scheduled where the couple
 brings with them their driver licenses, birth certificates or current passports. Kimber Lee will informally interview, correct and notarize the papers, give you a Q&A packet, and send you on your way!

Elegant Weddings Marriage License Service works within the Los Angeles area. Visit their local office, or have them arrange to come to you. Your license can be ready that same day.

Questions and Answers

About This Company

If you’re tying the knot in Los Angeles County, be forewarned—getting a marriage license can be a daunting, time-consuming process! Since courthouse appointments have become a courtesy of the past, couples have been known to stand in line for hours before seeing a court clerk. If they’ve forgotten the proper paperwork, they’re asked to return the following day, doomed to wait all over again. Tack on driving time and work schedules, and what should have been an easy, straightforward procedure becomes a total inconvenience. There must be a better way…

Enter Kimber Lee Wilkes. Her business, Elegant Weddings Marriage License Service, streamlines the entire marriage license process, saving both time and money for her clients. The premise is simple—since Los Angeles County law allows an authorized individual to appear by proxy for an engaged couple, Kimber Lee orchestrates the paperwork, appears at the courthouse in the couple¹s stead, and endures the long wait herself.

Open (by appointment) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Elegant Weddings Marriage License Service is ideal for out-of-town couples, folks who covet anonymity and the very busy. Extremely attentive to her clients scheduling needs, Kimber Lee requires just one short meeting. She explains, “The beauty of my service is that it¹s quick and easy. We can meet at my office for the quick 20-minute appointment during evenings or weekends, whatever saves them from taking time off work, which can be very costly. If they like, I’ll even meet them in the privacy of their home.” It¹s that easy. No lines. No grumpy clerk.

Through the years Kimber Lee, who also happens to be an ordained minister, has ushered scores of couples through the marriage license imbroglio. She’s even performed last-minute miracles: one couple suffered a kind of marriage license amnesia, forgetting until the last minute that they had to get one. “Their wedding coordinator called me and she was frantic!” recalls Kimber. She accomplished the impossible and arrived, license in tow, just before the ceremony started. The bridesmaids and groomsmen gave her a standing ovation.

And that’s what Kimber Lee likes most about her job: helping people. “I meet such nice people and I love to make their lives a little easier. It makes me feel good to take some of the struggle out of their hectic time before the wedding.”

Elegant Weddings Marriage License Service Covers These Areas:

  • Southern California
    • Los Angeles
    • Orange County
    • San Fernando Valley
    • San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena
    • Santa Clarita Valley
    • South Bay L.A. / Long Beach
    • Ventura
  • And other areas by special arrangement.
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This is a list of the areas that Elegant Weddings Marriage License Service normally serves. However, be sure to ask them if they'll be able to work at your particular location.

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