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David Lai Photographer - ,

David Lai Photographer

Category: Photographer

We adore this sentiment from David Lai: “We see images scattered amidst the everyday that we may become numb to them. I hope you’re not numb to what’s here. You see, it’s more that just images, it’s...

Maypole Studios - Chicago, Illinois

Maypole Studios Chicago

Category: Photographer
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Bethany Fritz puts it quite simply: “Creative brides and grooms deserve a creative photographer; someone to provide beautiful and unique images that best represent you.” Bethany’s...

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Angel Eyes Photography - Chicago, Illinois

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago

Category: Photographer
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Hilda Burke loves nothing more than going on fun, photographic adventures with couples in love. She’s the heart and soul of Angel Eyes Photography, and is probably best known for making couples...

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Katherine Salvatori Photography - Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Katherine Salvatori Photography Glen Ellyn

Category: Photographer
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Katherine Salvatori’s images are soft, romantic and bathed in natural light. You can just feel the love by looking at her photography. Working with her husband, Jason, she is sensitive to the...

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ingrid bonne photography - Chicago, Illinois

ingrid bonne photography Chicago

Category: Photographer

Ingrid Bonne’s enthusiasm is simply infectious. She loves everything about weddings and is especially interested in learning how each of her couples met and fell in love. A visual storyteller,...

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Cage and Aquarium - Chicago, Illinois

Cage and Aquarium Chicago

Category: Photographer
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Her colleagues say Shelley’s love of everything wedding-related is absolutely contagious and inspiring. And her involvement in hundreds of weddings (including her own!) proves her insight and...

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Gerber + Scarpelli Photography - Chicago, Illinois

Gerber + Scarpelli Photography Chicago

Category: Photographer
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Almost a dozen accomplished photographers reside under the Gerber+Scarpelli umbrella, with experiences ranging from fashion and fine-art photography, to extensive world travel, to theater and the...

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