Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I search by price range?
We wish we had a way to do this that made any sense, but we've wracked our brains for years and just can't come up with an accurate, helpful way to do this.

Pricing structures and options are so variable it's virtually impossible to create a searchable field that yields useful results. For example, some places offer packages that include plenty of extras (which you may or may not want), some have no rental fees in addition to per person meal charges, some—well, you get the picture. It's an apples to oranges problem. And, consider that a location might be way too expensive if you booked its ballroom for a Saturday night in June; however, if you opted for a Friday or Sunday night or changed the month to April or November, that site might then be affordable. Also, some locations will reduce their published rates if you negotiate with them.

BEST ADVICE: If you like a particular location but it seems out of your price range, don't give up on it. By being flexible—shifting the month, day, time, menu, etc.—you may be able to have your event there and stay within your budget.

Do you list information for all states?
Not yet. We got our start in California and that's where we have the most wedding venues, vendors, salons, and fairs. We cover much of the country and are adding new locations every day. If you'd like us to start covering your state sooner rather than later, please "email":mailto:[email protected] us at [email protected]! We're listening.

What does "CBA" mean?
CBA means "can be arranged". For a full explanation of our terms and abbreviations, please click here for the Key to Terms page.

You say your vendors are "pre-screened", what does that involve?
Our goal is to represent only the best event professionals in the industry. In order to do this, we require that each vendor go through a rigorous reference check. Each company must provide us with a list of 25-30 wedding industry references, along with 5-10 recent wedding couples. We call each person and get their honest feedback. Only if the company gets a very enthusiastic review do we accept them as a client. Click here to read more about being "Certified by the Guide".

We do have to say, of course, reality being what it is, that, though we’ve checked out all of our professionals very carefully, Here Comes The Guide is not responsible for the contract you ultimately sign with them, or for how your event goes. That’s between you and each company you use for your event. Our best advice is to be thorough, careful consumers and get every single thing in writing. This is what we’d tell our sisters and best friends, so this is what we’re telling you.

Why don't you offer the chance to leave a review of a vendor on your website? I'd like to make a comment on a wedding vendor.
Great question! We absolutely see the value in reading reviews from other brides, grooms, or clients—that's why we're very careful with them. We've seen phony reviews either slamming or talking up businesses on other websites. It's very hard for those websites to monitor and verify comments. We decided to take a different approach. We only post reviews that we have collected, so we can feel confident that they are the real deal.

If you have any feedback—whether positive or negative—on any of the vendors you see on our website, by all means, let us know by "email":mailto:[email protected] or phone (510/548-0400).

How can I get my company or venue listed on your website?
We love to add new locations and vendors to our website. See our Advertise With Us page for more information. If you'd like to be featured, just "email":mailto:[email protected] us with all your contact information (phone and fax numbers, "email":mailto:[email protected] and web addresses, etc.) and we'll get right back to you. You can also call us at 510/548-0400.

I have a current copy of Here Comes The Guide. Does the website have different information?
Yes. Our books are published only once every two years, so whenever we find new locations and services after a book has come out, we add them to our website. You'll find the most up-to-date information on our website.

I called a wedding venue and found that the fee information on your website was out of date. Why the discrepancy?
Facilities often change their prices and policies, but they don't always let us know. We have tried to ensure accuracy and completeness; however, we assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any other inconsistency. If you call a location and discover that our information is not up-to-date, please "email":mailto:[email protected] With your help we can keep our website as current as possible.

Tell locations you are using and ask if the information here is still correct. Make sure you understand everything—and get it in writing. Contracts, verbal or written agreements, permits, and all other legal documents or materials pertaining to any event are the responsibility of the individual or individuals who are purchasing event services. Hopscotch Press, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the business practices of the companies herein this website, nor assumes responsibility for any contractual arrangements between the consumer and the event venue or vendor.

Why do some venues have a Play Virtual Tour buttonPlay Virtual Tour on them?
If you see a facility listed with this symbol, it means this site has a virtual tour. Go to that site's info page and you'll be able to click on that button to see a 360 degree view of up to five different spaces at that facility. It's almost as good as being there.

I can't seem to get the virtual tour to work. Can you help?
You might need to reinstall Flash. Go to Adobe to download Flash. We're also fans of the web browser Firefox. You might try that as well.

If I "email":mailto:[email protected] you with my desired region, capacity number and a general sense of what I'm looking for, will you customize a list of possible locations just for me?
We'd love to, but we can't. Unfortunately we don't have enough staff or time to provide this service. However, if you're having trouble using our website to find what you want, we're happy to help you. "email":mailto:[email protected] or call us at 510/548-0400.

I've searched your website for hours and can't find anything that fits my particular needs. Can I "email":mailto:[email protected] you for more suggestions?
If you feel you've exhausted all the options on our website and are at your wit's end, you can send us an "email":mailto:[email protected] and we may be able to help.

I have an old edition of Here Comes The Guide and can't find information about a particular location from that book on your website. Why is that?
Maybe that location stopped doing special events or went out of business altogether. Or maybe they want to keep a low profile and decided not to be featured in our publications or on our website. If you "email":mailto:[email protected] us, we'll tell you what the situation is for the location(s) in question.

I am thinking about hiring a vendor or facility that's not listed on your website. Does that mean there's something wrong with them?
Not at all. It may just be that we're not familiar with that particular vendor or facility. If you send us an "email":mailto:[email protected], we can tell you for sure.