Amanda O'Dell

Client Success Manager

If warm, hysterical, and call-it-like-it-is-but-don't-take-yourself-too-seriously is your cup of tea in a fellow human, then drink up because O'Dell (as we affectionately call her) is all that and more. Her authenticity—which happens to be one of our core values—is not only immediately disarming, it also makes her exactly the kind of person we want on the phone with our clients. It took us less than 2 seconds flat to know that O'Dell just had to join our team. She lives in a small town in Kentucky (really small y'all, like 2-hours-from-the-nearest-Target small!), and sees that as an upside in the great life she's built with her husband and two kiddos. We dare you to talk to this woman without least a bit. It simply can't be done.

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Insider Info

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Marital status: I’m mar­ried to my high school sweet­heart. We start­ed dat­ing in our junior year, and a month lat­er he told me he could see him­self mar­ry­ing me. Now, it’s over a decade lat­er and here we are! He is a bril­liant, kind-heart­ed man and a per­fect coun­ter­part to my loud, can­did per­son­al­i­ty. We each have a mini-me: a strong-willed, ambi­tious daugh­ter and a ram­bunc­tious, sil­ly son. And…it would be so wrong for me to leave out our two pre­cious gold­en­doo­dles, Mav­er­ick and Murphy!

Things I love: Binge­ing on an entire TV series, wine (red, white, rosé, sparkling — I’m not picky!), dark choco­late, laugh­ing, state­ment ear­rings, true crime pod­casts, strolling the aisles of Tar­get (yes, the one that’s 2 hours away!), vaca­tions, organizing.

Favorite quote: Com­par­i­son is a thief of joy.” (Theodore Roo­sevelt) This is our house­hold mot­to and we try so hard to live by it!

What I love most about my job: Work­ing with such an incred­i­ble group of women, who all live and breathe a set of core val­ues that tru­ly dri­ve this com­pa­ny. The first time I read them, I knew I would thrive by learn­ing from these women and I absolute­ly have!

Favorite way to wind down after a long day: Cook­ing an elab­o­rate din­ner while sip­ping on a glass of Sauvi­gnon Blanc. I LOVE to cook (and drink wine)!

Places I've lived: Vir­ginia, Hawaii, Geor­gia, Sau­di Ara­bia (yeah, you read that right!), South Car­oli­na — and I’m now sweet­ly set­tled in Kentucky!

Workspace décor: Farm­house chic. My hus­band built me some amaz­ing open wood shelv­ing and I have lots of antiques, old books, dried flow­ers, and pic­tures on them! I have framed inspi­ra­tional quotes remind­ing me to Work hard, Laugh more, and Play often.” My desk is ALWAYS clear because I can­not do clut­ter. At. All.

Most unexpected thing about me: I bawl like a sad baby dur­ing awards show accep­tance speeches.