Maggie Munki

Production Specialist
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Maggie MunkiMaggie's kind of like a Swiss Army knife: versatile, efficient, always at the ready—all in one compact package. Add in an infectious laugh that never fails to make the rest of us smile, a creative spirit with just the right amount of Type-A, and a strong desire to always keep learning, and...well, she's actually way better than a Swiss Army knife, come to think of it. We think we'll keep her.

Contact Maggie regarding: photos, proofs and production issues; bridal fairs; and shipping & distribution.

Insider Info

Domestic status: Married to my best friend.

Best advice to brides: How to make the day perfect: enjoy every minute, no matter what happens!

A memorable wedding: My sister's. She had a 20s theme with a live gypsy swing band. Really, I was just so happy she found someone that loved her as much as she deserves—which is a lot!

Walked down the aisle to: Birds singing in the trees.

Extracurricular activities: Yoga, making jewelry, anything DIY! (I'm hoping to add bike riding to this list very soon.)

Most unrealistic life goal: Being a contortionist.

Favorite way to wind down after a hard day: Loud music, dancing around like a crazy lady—but in private!!

Dream honeymoon/real honeymoon: A trip around the world (in 80 days perhaps?)/4 countries (in 20 days). Not too shabby.

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream! But I am the worst at picking a flavor—I want them all! Luckily, there's rarely a wrong decision.

Staff person I turn to most often for help: Why, Sharon of course! I feel very lucky to be under her tutelage.

What people would never suspect about me: I love working on cars and getting messy. But I must be wearing coveralls! Dress-up makes everything more fun.

Theme song: "If you want to sing out, sing out!" by Cat Stevens. I love Harold and Maude.

Favorite quote: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return."—the movie Moulin Rouge! (but originally from a song by eden ahbez)

Pet peeve: Any use of the font Curlz. Please stop already.

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