Jolene Rae Harrington

Jolene Rae Harrington, Media & Communications Director / Venue Specialist
[email protected]

Jolene Rae HarringtonJolene wasn’t sure if she could commit. Then she found Here Comes The Guide, planned her dream beach wedding with her honey, and scored a job writing location profiles for us. Twenty years later, she’s still our creative secret weapon, doing everything from developing web content to showing off her industry expertise to any and all media willing to listen. We like to constantly remind her that without us, she’d probably still be planning her wedding.

Contact Jolene regarding: media and press inquiries; venues in the Central Coast, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Monterey/Carmel, Greater Palms Springs and Lake Tahoe; bridal salon trunk shows; questions about Articles and Ideas.

Insider Info

Domestic status: Married 21 years, several animal children.

Best advice to brides: If you’re relaxed at your wedding and having a good time, then everyone else will be, too.

Walked down the aisle to: John Lennon’s “Love Is Real.” (But the recessional was the theme from Star Trek!)

Extracurricular activities: I’m a bookworm, especially into history, alternative science and Trader Joe's flyers.

Proudest career achievement: Winning a national award for a television screenplay.

Most unrealistic life goal: An Alaskan Wilderness Trek. It sounds good, but…

Guilty pleasure: Sleeping late. Very late.

Childhood career choice: Archaeologist. (I still like to dig in the dirt.)

Staff person I turn to most often for help: Jennifer. So patient, so kind, so computer-savvy!

Celebrity I would most like to have a one-on-one date with: Stephen Colbert. Just think what smart, satirical babies we would have!

Best premarital advice: Make sure you and your intended have a talk about expectations. “Which one of us will do the dishes? Who’ll control the remote? Do we have to spend every Thanksgiving until 2032 at Aunt Betty’s?”

Work space décor: Shabby Chic meets Home & Garden. (There are flowers on everything, including my stapler.)

What I like most about my job: Making brides smile. (Okay, the comped resort stays are pretty awesome, too!)