Advice and ideas for unique wedding gifts and wedding registries, including those that are just a bit offbeat and unexpected.

Add Some Color to Your Wedding Favors

Add Some Color to Your Wedding Favors posted by Meredith

I love anything that’s a bit out of the ordinary and super colorful—especially at a wedding. That’s why these Party Favor Tins caught my eye. These would be the perfect addition to any wedding, but especially those looking for a slightly Asian twist.

This? It’s From Italy

This? It’s From Italy posted by Lisa

Wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, when someone complimented your new dress you didn’t have to say “Oh, this? It’s from Target.” Instead, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could say, “This? It’s from Italy.”? It just sounds so much more chic and worldly to name-drop a European country instead of the corner retail clothing chain.

Will You or Won’t You?

Will You or Won’t You? posted by Julia

Hey, brides to be: While you’re adding our invitation designers to your MyGuide Favorites List, you might also have one of the most controversial wedding etiquette issues on your mind. When you send your wedding invitations, will you also be including a list of the stores where you’re registered for gifts?

Top 5 Wedding Registry Do’s

Top 5 Wedding Registry Do’s posted by Denise

My sister Sandra is getting married in October, and a few months ago she and her groom-to-be,Tyler, went to register.  Once her mission was accomplished, I asked her if she would share some advice for anyone getting ready to do the same. Here are her tips:

Oh Rosanna

Oh Rosanna posted by Julia

Lucky, Bon Appetit, and O At Home are just some of the publications that have sung praise for Rosanna Inc. It’s easy to see why.

Clean & Green Registry Picks

Clean & Green Registry Picks posted by Julia

Brides often forget to add a few essential items with smaller price tags to their registry lists, but including these items is a courtesy to the guests who have already contributed a lot to your wedding (hello maids of honor and in-laws!), or younger family members who don’t want to add her name to her parents’ gift. I was reminded of this when I made my semi-routine visit to Williams-Sonoma a few weeks ago.

Wedding Registries are Changing (For Good)

Wedding Registries are Changing (For Good) posted by Lisa

In your pre-wedding world, you probably already have the dishes, the towels, and the ubiquitous crock pot that grace most wedding registries.So what do you register for if your cupboards already runneth over? You could succumb to that borderline tacky (okay, really tacky) trend of asking guests to pay for your honeymoon or even help fund your wedding. Or you could help make the world a better place by registering for your wedding at

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #6

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #6 posted by Sharon Carl

Every Valentine’s day, my husband Jaya brings me truffles from The Candy House of Davis, a wonderful chocolatier in Davis, CA. Each box comes with a card, picturing each of the 30 different kinds of truffles they make by hand. By comparing the way the truffle looks to the picture, you can find out what flavor ganache is inside. Whether it be Irish Creame, Decadence, Grand Marnier or White Russian, each one is so beautiful I almost want to save them… but of course, I never do. Each one I taste is more delicious than the one before.