Advice and ideas for unique wedding gifts and wedding registries, including those that are just a bit offbeat and unexpected.

Get Rid Of Bad Wedding Gifts Once And For All

Tell the truth: for your wedding gift, would you rather receive a pink ceramic Victorian cat or that Bose Sounddock you always wanted? Yeah, thought so.

Wedding Favors That Grow

What a perfect symbol for your wedding! Aside from being adorable, Pinky Trees are alive and growing. A clear capsule (which can be imprinted with your names, monogram, or wedding date!) holds a live plant that will keep growing in their capsules for 6-12 months.

Taste-ful Personalized Wedding Favors: Party Beans

At Here Comes The Guide headquarters, we love our treats. So imagine our delight when adorable tins and containers filled with M&M’s and Jelly Belly jellybeans arrived at our offices, each with customized messages and images (including photos!).

Do Yourself a Favor

Before I begin my list of favorite wedding favor ideas from past events, let me tell you this: I have it on good authority that if you choose not to have favors at your wedding, your marriage will still be legal and binding. So if favors are not your cup of tea, give yourself permission not to have them at your wedding.

Register for a Stronger Marriage

Add this to the list of “why didn’t I think of that?” wedding registry ideas: Registering for experiences instead of things. After The Wedding Day was founded from the idea that relationships are made stronger not by what you have but by the time you spend together as a couple.

Gifts For Guys: What to Buy Your Groomsmen

Here are a few websites I found that might help you shopping-impaired grooms out there. And don’t forget to order the items at least a month or two in advance to ensure they’ll arrive in time!

Chocolate Changes The World

In case you’re wondering how to express your love on Valentine’s Day: Love is chocolate. Just ask the Buddhist monks who make Intentional Chocolate™.
Intentional Chocolate™ nourishes both body and spirit.
Infused with the intention of health and well-being by experienced meditators—some of whom trained with His Holiness the Dalai Lama—Intentional Chocolate nourishes both body and spirit.

Wedding Registry Idea: Pet Photo Sessions

How about adding some puppy (or kitty) love to your wedding gift registry?

Add Some Color to Your Wedding Favors

I love anything that’s a bit out of the ordinary and super colorful—especially at a wedding. That’s why these Party Favor Tins caught my eye. These would be the perfect addition to any wedding, but especially those looking for a slightly Asian twist.

This? It's From Italy

Wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, when someone complimented your new dress you didn’t have to say “Oh, this? It’s from Target.” Instead, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could say, “This? It’s from Italy.”? It just sounds so much more chic and worldly to name-drop a European country instead of the corner retail clothing chain.

Will You or Won’t You?

Hey, brides to be: While you’re adding our invitation designers to your MyGuide Favorites List, you might also have one of the most controversial wedding etiquette issues on your mind. When you send your wedding invitations, will you also be including a list of the stores where you’re registered for gifts?

Top 5 Wedding Registry Do's

My sister Sandra is getting married in October, and a few months ago she and her groom-to-be,Tyler, went to register.  Once her mission was accomplished, I asked her if she would share some advice for anyone getting ready to do the same. Here are her tips:

Oh Rosanna

Lucky, Bon Appetit, and O At Home are just some of the publications that have sung praise for Rosanna Inc. It’s easy to see why.

The Wedding Shopper

Beau Coup Wedding FavorsAs a wedding guest for four weddings this year, I can tell you two things that strike fear into the heart of the invitee. The first is: what to wear? (What the heck is “Backyard Formal,” I ask you?) The other is: what to give? While wearing the wrong thing says you had a closet crisis, giving the wrong thing says something about your relationship with the bride and groom.

Clean & Green Registry Picks

Brides often forget to add a few essential items with smaller price tags to their registry lists, but including these items is a courtesy to the guests who have already contributed a lot to your wedding (hello maids of honor and in-laws!), or younger family members who don’t want to add her name to her parents’ gift. I was reminded of this when I made my semi-routine visit to Williams-Sonoma a few weeks ago.

Wedding Registries are Changing (For Good)

In your pre-wedding world, you probably already have the dishes, the towels, and the ubiquitous crock pot that grace most wedding registries.So what do you register for if your cupboards already runneth over? You could succumb to that borderline tacky (okay, really tacky) trend of asking guests to pay for your honeymoon or even help fund your wedding. Or you could help make the world a better place by registering for your wedding at

Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #6

Every Valentine’s day, my husband Jaya brings me truffles from The Candy House of Davis, a wonderful chocolatier in Davis, CA. Each box comes with a card, picturing each of the 30 different kinds of truffles they make by hand. By comparing the way the truffle looks to the picture, you can find out what flavor ganache is inside. Whether it be Irish Creame, Decadence, Grand Marnier or White Russian, each one is so beautiful I almost want to save them… but of course, I never do. Each one I taste is more delicious than the one before.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #5

Thank goodness I discovered Dagoba. Fair Trade, Organic and award-winning, Dagoba’s unique “chocolate alchemy” combines flavors in innovative, tantalizing ways. Dagoba chocolate tastes genuine—that is, biting into a small piece, the first taste is chocolate, rather than sugar. Its authentic musky flavor sings of forests and unspoiled wilderness, invariably lifting my spirits. I’ve come to prefer my chocolate dark & spicy, and Dagoba’s Xocolatl, accented with cocoa nibs and chile peppers, satisfies my cravings. My husband isn’t as adventurous and fancies less intense varietals, such as New Moon, the best of bittersweet.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #4

For wedding favors, I love Vosges’ adorable takeout containers which can include truffles like the Black Pearl (ginger + wasabi + dark chocolate + black sesame seeds). Their two-piece truffle boxes can be customized with your names or message and your choice of ribbon colors. And, you can feel good about Vosges’ green commitment.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #3

Unlike my colleagues Lisa and Meredith, I didn’t even think about what chocolate my significant other would be. Instead, I grilled my poor boyfriend on what kind of chocolate he thinks I’d be. After vetoing every type of chocolate he came up with (“What? Really? Where the hell did you get that idea?”), the answer dawned on me while I was restocking on shampoo at the drugstore. An M&M! Or is it an M?