Advice and ideas for unique wedding gifts and wedding registries, including those that are just a bit offbeat and unexpected.

The Wedding Shopper

Beau Coup Wedding FavorsAs a wedding guest for four weddings this year, I can tell you two things that strike fear into the heart of the invitee. The first is: what to wear? (What the heck is “Backyard Formal,” I ask you?) The other is: what to give? While wearing the wrong thing says you had a closet crisis, giving the wrong thing says something about your relationship with the bride and groom.

Gift Guide for Groom Guys

articles_altWhen it comes time for the groom to hand out attendants' loot, he's flying without radar. Knowing the male species' innate fear of the shopping mall, overall impatience with social obligations, and proclivity for our Groom's Gift Guide.

Get Rid Of Bad Wedding Gifts Once And For All

Get Rid Of Bad Wedding Gifts Once And For All posted by Kathy

Tell the truth: for your wedding gift, would you rather receive a pink ceramic Victorian cat or that Bose Sounddock you always wanted? Yeah, thought so.

Wedding Favors That Grow

Wedding Favors That Grow posted by Denise

What a perfect symbol for your wedding! Aside from being adorable, Pinky Trees are alive and growing. A clear capsule (which can be imprinted with your names, monogram, or wedding date!) holds a live plant that will keep growing in their capsules for 6-12 months.

Taste-ful Personalized Wedding Favors: Party Beans

Taste-ful Personalized Wedding Favors: Party Beans posted by Julia

At Here Comes The Guide headquarters, we love our treats. So imagine our delight when adorable tins and containers filled with M&M’s and Jelly Belly jellybeans arrived at our offices, each with customized messages and images (including photos!).

Do Yourself a Favor

Do Yourself a Favor posted by Kathy

Before I begin my list of favorite wedding favor ideas from past events, let me tell you this: I have it on good authority that if you choose not to have favors at your wedding, your marriage will still be legal and binding. So if favors are not your cup of tea, give yourself permission not to have them at your wedding.

Register for a Stronger Marriage

Register for a Stronger Marriage posted by Lisa

Add this to the list of “why didn’t I think of that?” wedding registry ideas: Registering for experiences instead of things. After The Wedding Day was founded from the idea that relationships are made stronger not by what you have but by the time you spend together as a couple.

Gifts For Guys: What to Buy Your Groomsmen

Gifts For Guys: What to Buy Your Groomsmen posted by Denise

Here are a few websites I found that might help you shopping-impaired grooms out there. And don’t forget to order the items at least a month or two in advance to ensure they’ll arrive in time!

Chocolate Changes The World

Chocolate Changes The World posted by Allison

In case you’re wondering how to express your love on Valentine’s Day: Love is chocolate. Just ask the Buddhist monks who make Intentional Chocolate™.
Intentional Chocolate™ nourishes both body and spirit.
Infused with the intention of health and well-being by experienced meditators—some of whom trained with His Holiness the Dalai Lama—Intentional Chocolate nourishes both body and spirit.

Wedding Registry Idea: Pet Photo Sessions

Wedding Registry Idea: Pet Photo Sessions posted by Allison

How about adding some puppy (or kitty) love to your wedding gift registry?