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Coloring Your Wedding Accessories

You’ve done it—found “the dress.” Now it’s time to pull the rest of your look together. Before you proceed, it is useful to identify which shade of white your dress really is. (This article should help.) Then you can begin to add the finishing touches like jewelry, shoes, and hair accessories.

Recyling Heirloom Jewelry: Turning Something Old Into Something New

Your wedding day is a perfect excuse to breathe new life in your family’s heirloom jewels. For inspiration to help you turn your “something old” into “something new,” check out Christensen Heller Gallery.

2009 Jewelry Trend Report

Forget dainty and delicate—today’s jewelry is getting larger, with fresh combos and bold new presentations. Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store for the year ahead:

Hollywood Glam

I’m obsessed with old movies. Those actresses from the 1930s and ‘40s had their men wrapped around their fingers, didn’t they? Look at Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn: They usually played well-mannered, headstrong, fast- talking women who could make a man’s man like Humphrey Bogart stop dead in his tracks. When these dames entered a crowded room, everyone would break off mid-sentence and just stare.

Engagement Rings for Men

When a man decides to commit, he drops a healthy portion of his nest egg on a sparkly engagement ring. But what does he get in return, besides that meaningful “yes” from the love of his life? Nada. Call me crazy, but has anyone else noticed that men get the raw end of the deal here? Not to mention the fact that it seems a little hypocritical that a woman gets “marked” as betrothed while the man’s fingers get to stay bare until the wedding day!

Extraterrestrial Diamonds?

It’s not science fiction…some diamonds do come from outer space. Black diamonds are believed to be formed in the heavens before hitching a ride to earth along with falling stars. Also called “carbonados,” these celestial jewels have a mystical beauty well-suited for fairytale romance.

Dream Bridal Fashion Ensembles: Bohemian Beach Weddings

Bohemian Beach Wedding EnsembleAre you a free-spirited bride with a yen for vintage elements? Do you dress to please yourself rather than tradition? Do you find romance in the warmth and beauty of nature? If so, your bridal style might be a good match for a bohemian beach wedding!

Sugar Don't Sparkle Like Diamonds

Searching for “The Ring” was a lot easier in your childhood fantasies, wasn’t it? You didn’t have to worry about the 4 Cs, diamond certifications, or insurance when you were slipping that Ring Pop on your finger and pretending it was the real deal. But like every other major purchase made in your adult life, you may want to do some research before you plunk down your credit card. Reviewing this helpful resource on the GIA website might answer a lot of your diamond-related questions before you step into your first jewelry store. Don’t forget that jewelers who achieve certification by the Gemological Institute of America are definitely a (princess) cut above the rest, and who better to teach you about the 4 Cs then the institution that invented them in the first place?

Honeymoon in Style: Tejani's Travel Kit

I don’t know about you, but when I pack for traveling, I can never decide which jewelry to take along…and am equally stumped when it comes to how to pack my little treasures. Inevitably, I end up grabbing a handful of mismatched odds and ends, and tossing them into a plastic baggie. Not very cool, I’m afraid.

Jewelry Is Art at Shibumi Gallery

I’m not one of those girls who has known what her dress, flowers, and wedding cake would be since I was 12 years old. But after visiting Shibumi Studio in Berkeley, I’ve come a huge step closer to knowing what kind of wedding ring I want.

If You Did, and Then You Didn't...

If you’re getting married, or if you’re just someone with a heart of gold and plenty of it in material form, this is for you.

Lost: One Wedding Ring, Owner Desperate and Sobbing

I lost my wedding ring the other day. It was only for a short time and everything is fine now, but while it was gone, I learned a few things about myself.

A Celtic Wedding in California

I was impressed by the exquisite knot work and the imaginative execution of the silver collection. Though the designs are obviously Celtic, I had never seen anything quite like them! The earrings, necklaces and Celtic rings that are embellished with gemstones are even more striking. I let my husband know that any present from this online merchant will be well received.

The Celtic Bride's Guide To Headpieces

Unique Celtic JewelryThanks to the recent rise in popularity of tribal culture and the mythological realms of faeries and elves, circlets and tiaras are fast becoming two of the most sought-after bridal accessories.

Celtic Jewelry: Ancient Symbolism in Popular Fashion

Unique Celtic JewelryThe mysterious and the mystical have had the power to hold human beings in thrall throughout the millennia. Celtic jewelry shares this power as an extension and a reminder of the traditions and rituals of the Celts, an ancient European people. Today, men and women of all ages wear Celtic jewelry not only for its beauty, but also for its symbolism and metaphysical connotations.

Bling Goes Bold

Maria Elena UzcateguiSure, you say. I’d love to inject a little color into my wedding jewelry. And yet, like so many brides, you end up nixing the idea and defaulting to the predictable refuge of a classic all-white look. Here’s our “dime store psychologist” explanation: The left side of your brain pleads “safety,” while the right side screams “sexy.” Here's how to let your inner sexy out.