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Indian Weddings in the Bay Area

Indian Weddings in the Bay Area posted by Jan

I’ve never been to an Indian wedding, but I’ve seen pictures of them and they are a feast for the eyes. I’m fascinated by the rituals and all the color: lots of bejeweled women draped in gorgeous saris, vibrant flowers in abundance … That’s why when I heard about this upcoming event—a “scintillating evening of fun and information, focused on the Bay Area Indian wedding market,” I signed up right away.

Color Trends in Wedding Cakes: Snappy Stripes

Color Trends in Wedding Cakes: Snappy Stripes posted by Jolene

Flowers too frou-frou? Plain white too plain? For modern brides with a forward fashion sense, stripes on their wedding cake have a smart and sassy look that’s just right. In the same way that a clean, symmetrical pattern of alternating color lends contemporary dash to a well-decorated living room, so too can stripes spice things up for the reception’s grand finale.

Brides, Bling and Bellinis

Brides, Bling and Bellinis posted by Lisa

If you’re currently in the throes of putting together your San Diego wedding, consider stopping by a local bar Thursday evening for a little fun. While we at Here Comes The Guide definitely don’t advocate drinking while wedding planning (friends don’t let friends put down deposits while tipsy!), we thought you might be interested in a place that offers lots more than a stiff drink for the wedding weary: The Grand Opening of Bridal Bar’s newest location in La Jolla.

Sweet Tarte Goodies

Sweet Tarte Goodies posted by Julia

Tarte Cosmetics is one company that has mastered creating products that aren’t tested on animals, are paraben-free (very, very important), and contain botanical nutrients. The makeup comes in attractive, fuss-free packaging, and most importantly, they make you, the wearer, look good. You might have read about Tarte’s world-famous cheek stains in InStyle, Cosmo, and Self magazines. I myself am a fan of the “flush” and “blushing bride” shades.

Celebrity Trendspotting

Celebrity Trendspotting posted by Jolene

Everyone’s talking about InStyle Weddings’ recent report of celebrity-driven wedding trends…but I have my own opinion!

The Great Videographer Debate

The Great Videographer Debate posted by Denise

I’ve noticed very few videographers at the weddings I’ve attended in the past year. In these uncertain times, I’m sure every couple wants to save a little money, but I have to say this trend still surprises me.

Some Favorable Wedding Favors

Some Favorable Wedding Favors posted by Lisa

Here’s one simple wedding truth: your guests will remember your wedding favors more than a lot of the other details you’ve agonized over—simply because they take the favors home with them! I still have the wedding favor from a wedding I attended almost 20 years ago: satin roses with wire stems tied in a heart. It’s found a cozy home in my office drawer, and it gives me a daily smile. Mine was a traditional Middle Eastern wedding, so I gave out the customary gauzy pouch of 5 almonds, symbolizing 5 wishes for our future together: health, happiness, wealth, fertility and longevity.

To Err is Human; To Tell the Story? Divine!

To Err is Human; To Tell the Story? Divine! posted by Lisa

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we like to discuss wedding issues by example: what we like, what’s worked for us, and once in a while, what not to do for your wedding (ever, ever again). We do it because all women have a story to tell, and we believe we learn as much from our own experiences as we do from the advice of our friends, women who’ve been there before. It’s only natural to want to add our own valuable voices to the mix. Fortunately, the highly opinionated women of Here Comes The Guide recently discovered a divine online forum with that goal in mind: Divine Caroline, that is.