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Real Wine Country Wedding: Lucy & Ross

Real Wine Country Wedding: Lucy & Ross posted by Denise

I coordinated a wedding at Viansa Sonoma in May 2008 for my friends Lucy & Ross McClennan that turned out to be a really gorgeous event. I think the photos (by the super-talented Catherine Hall of Catherine Hall Studios) say it all. Click here to view their slideshow and be inspired.

Dessert Doubles: DIY Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Dessert Doubles: DIY Bridal Shower Centerpieces posted by Denise

When I was planning my sister’s bridal shower, I knew I wanted to make centerpieces that were more fun and unique than the obvious vases of flowers. My inspiration came when I went to pick up the dessert I had ordered for the shower. While I was at the shop, it dawned on me that those 3 dozen delicious cupcakes from Icing on the Cupcake in Rocklin would make whimsical centerpieces for the party. This was also a budget-friendly idea, since my dessert was going to double as décor!

Weddings on a Budget

Weddings on a Budget posted by Lisa

With soaring fuel and food costs, reining in your wedding budget is becoming increasingly important. In today’s Los Angeles Times, there’s a great article featuring ways to cure your own case of wedding sticker shock (check out the quotes from our own creative wedding diva, Jolene Rae Harrington!). Read on for some expert wedding tips.

Stupid Attendant Gifts

Stupid Attendant Gifts posted by Meredith

Ah, your bridesmaids…those girls who have been there for you for years, living through all your boy-drama and, lately, all your wedding-planning drama. They’re shelling out hundreds to be in your wedding and you’re supposed to give them a gift at the event to show your thanks. My problem is that so often those “attendant” gifts are just…lame.

Why I Want to Be Indian: An Evening at New Delhi Restaurant

Why I Want to Be Indian: An Evening at New Delhi Restaurant posted by Jan

I recently went to an event billed as a “scintillating evening of fun and information, focused on the Bay Area Indian wedding market.” Well, it was all that and more. Afterwards, I wanted throw my own Indian bash. I wanted to be Indian.

Creative Wedding Guest Books at SoCo Depot

Creative Wedding Guest Books at SoCo Depot posted by Lisa

Rosemarie Lion is moving to a workspace that’s almost as cool as her photography. SoCo Depot, an old train depot in Sonoma County, is now a shared workspace for creative individuals. With that kind of billing, we can’t think of a better place for Rosemarie’s inspired work.

Wedding Organizers With Style

Wedding Organizers With Style posted by Lisa

As a bride, the motto “Be Prepared” takes on a whole different meaning than it had when your Scout leader coached you on the finer points of selling Girl Scout Cookies. But thank goodness, right? Turns out those who want to help you be a prepared bride have much better fashion sense, too. Look at Russell + Hazel’s new wedding organizer, for example. In addition to the several great binder styles to choose from, there’s also a whole slew of planning templates to get you started.

Ring Bowls

Ring Bowls posted by Meredith

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found the ringbearer’s pillow a bit “precious”, if you know what I mean. A little too soft, a little too satin for my clean, modern sensibility.