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Here Comes the Guide brings you expert articles and blog postings about the hottest trends for California weddings. You’ll hear about a wide range of the newest bridal trends.

The list below gives you the option to read longer, more detailed pieces from our Articles + Ideas section or shorter, topical and timely pieces from our blog. Either way, you’ll get great info from the experts on everything related to California weddings.


How to Make Your Wedding Your Own

How to Make Your Wedding Your Own posted by Jennifer

Those of us at Here Comes The Guide who are married did not have cookie-cutter weddings: Meredith and her husband had an intimate beach wedding (a.k.a elopement) in Half Moon Bay, Jolene wore a raspberry wedding gown, my husband and I served pizza—old school, unfancy pizza, and Sharon and her husband had their lively reception in a dojo where the black belts in attendance took turns throwing the groom.

Way To Save: The Mid-Week Wedding

Way To Save: The Mid-Week Wedding posted by Jolene

These challenging economic times have created a novel wedding trend: The mid-week wedding! While Wednesday-night knot-tying is never going to replace Saturday evening extravaganzas, we’re hearing about wedding couples that opt to celebrate on a non-traditional day of the week. And why not? Since it’s an off-time for wedding vendors, they’re more likely to discount their fees. Same goes for your wedding location—you’re sure to get more for less if you wed on an alternate day. Want to upgrade from community center to hotel ballroom? For sure.

Some Like it Short

Some Like it Short posted by Jolene

A short dress can have a life after the wedding, and it’s also a perfect second-wedding choice.

Parasols Instead of Bouquets

Parasols Instead of Bouquets posted by Denise

As Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding, I carried a Japanese parasol instead of the usual bridesmaid bouquet. I really loved this idea, because the bride was able to save money on her flowers and parasols look great in pictures. On top of that, it was a hot September day in Sacramento and these refreshing accessories provided a nice shield from the sun.

Midnight Blues

Midnight Blues posted by Denise

There’s something cool about hues of sapphire, graphite, taupe, sky, and peridot. Together, this combination is arresting; simple but sophisticated, serene yet relaxed, serious without being overly pretentious. Add to these colors the crisp blue sky and Ferry Building clock tower in the background, and we’re definitely talking a San Francisco kind of wedding.

Do you take Party A?

Do you take Party A? posted by Julia

After the CA Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal, the words “bride” and “groom” disappeared from marriage licenses and related legal forms.

Black Magic

Black Magic posted by Denise

My copy of Elle magazine with Jessica Simpson on the cover came in the mail last week. After flipping through page after page of fashion spreads, I noticed that black is huge and I for one am glad. You will see black minimalism, black lace accents, black biker chic, black vintage detailing.

Fashion-Forward Food For Your Wedding

Fashion-Forward Food For Your Wedding posted by Lisa

If you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something from last season, why would you serve food that was as just as passé as those Ugg boots gathering dust in your closet? As Californians, our desire to stay in vogue is not limited to our wardrobe. Since we come from a state with an abundance of wine, cheese, organic produce and other goodies, we also tend to keep up with the “in” foods—while watching our fashionable figures, of course!

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