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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #4

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #4 posted by Jennifer

For wedding favors, I love Vosges’ adorable takeout containers which can include truffles like the Black Pearl (ginger + wasabi + dark chocolate + black sesame seeds). Their two-piece truffle boxes can be customized with your names or message and your choice of ribbon colors. And, you can feel good about Vosges’ green commitment.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #3

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #3 posted by Julia

Unlike my colleagues Lisa and Meredith, I didn’t even think about what chocolate my significant other would be. Instead, I grilled my poor boyfriend on what kind of chocolate he thinks I’d be. After vetoing every type of chocolate he came up with (“What? Really? Where the hell did you get that idea?”), the answer dawned on me while I was restocking on shampoo at the drugstore. An M&M! Or is it an M?

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #2

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #2 posted by Meredith

Woodhouse Chocolates makes so many delicious sweet treats that everyone will find a fave. They’ve become my go-to gift when I want to send something to a person I really adore and their Valentine’s gift boxes are sure to wow your honey (or, your friend. Why don’t we girls start sending Valentine’s Day chocolates to each other? Good idea, huh?). Each box is gorgeously wrapped and shipped very carefully with special cold inserts to make sure your gift arrives as perfect as it was sent. Trés chic!

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #1

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #1 posted by Lisa

If my husband were a piece of chocolate (yes, there are times I wish that. That’s not weird, is it?), I’m pretty sure he’d be a Smoked Salt Caramel from Fran’s Chocolates. I don’t know ya’ll well enough to go into the details of why I think that, but let me just say the salt dusting on top makes the flavors in these chocolates so much more complex than any other fine chocolate I’ve tasted, and that’s a very good thing.

Bridesmaid Dress Hall of Shame

Bridesmaid Dress Hall of Shame posted by Lisa

But because no one can get enough of looking at those mythical, terrifically terrible bridesmaid dresses (myself included), we found a link that might give you a fix.

Calling All Hungry Girls

Calling All Hungry Girls posted by Jolene

Hungry Girl is for the food obsessed or just the food possessed; besides a wealth of recipe revisions (lifesavers, IMHO!), there is also a Q & A section, Girls Bite Out (tips for partying and dining), and a news section with the latest health and diet breakthroughs. And while I still can’t quite zip up my own figure-hugging wedding dress from 12 years ago yet, things are safely under control. And I still get to enjoy formerly forbidden foods, like HG’s Unpudged Fudge. Now that’s what I call livin’!

A Wedding Registry With Gifts You Actually Want

A Wedding Registry With Gifts You Actually Want posted by Lisa

If only existed when I registered for my wedding. Just create an account and add the handy bookmark to your browser, and anything that’s sold online can be added to one centralized wish list. No more managing a list at every website you love! And if you’re suffering from shopper’s block (much more worrisome than writer’s block!), there’s even a gift ideas section to show you what other users have added to their list.

Lip Service

Lip Service posted by Jolene

Recently I attended a benefit concert by music legend Jackson Browne, and scored a pass to the VIP after-party. While downing a margarita (to help me get up the guts to introduce myself to the soulful songster himself!), I was discreetly pulled aside by a woman I didn’t know. Usually when something like this happens, it’s either because a) She wants me to know that I have lettuce in my teeth; b) She wants me to know I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe; c) She wants to know if my husband has a brother who is single.