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You Know He Loves You When…

You Know He Loves You When… posted by Meredith

Did you all see Oprah the other day? She featured some great YouTube videos, one of which was a clip of a British couple’s first dance at their wedding. Apparently, they are both huge fans of Dirty Dancing, the 80’s classic dance movie. They performed Baby and Johnny’s famous dance, almost move for move. Wow, how many of you could convince your fiance to do this?

How To Make Your Own Wish Tree

How To Make Your Own Wish Tree posted by Denise

I recently blogged about using a Wish Tree in lieu of the traditional guest book and got such great response from brides that I wanted to tell you what you would need to make your own. By purchasing the materials to make your own Wish Tree, you’ll be able to use it again for other types of parties such as baby showers, birthdays, graduations, etc. Think of it as the Wish Tree that keeps on giving.

A Happy Place in Mendocino

A Happy Place in Mendocino posted by Denise

My sister Sandra is getting married in October 2008 and Tyler, her boyfriend (he hates the word fiancé) has family in Mendocino so they travel there frequently. When they started planning their wedding there wasn’t even a question about where it would take place: The Little River Inn in Mendocino.

A Beautiful and “Centered” Wedding

A Beautiful and “Centered” Wedding posted by Allison

With just 20 days to plan their wedding—from first phone call to the ceremony—my super-capable friend Debbie, along with her betrothed, Richard, pulled off their own wedding at their Alamo home last week.

Quick Change

Quick Change posted by Denise

The ceremony and reception took place in the same space, so it was a complicated and intricate process to turn the space around quickly. The whole thing had to happen while the guests were enjoying their appetizers and cocktails, so we had just about 75 minutes to make the space perfect for the reception.

Eclectic is the new Black

Eclectic is the new Black posted by Jolene

Did you know that eclectic is the new black? According to Event Designer Linda Kay for New York Food Company, matchy-matchy is yawny-yawny. Mixing up your reception with non-identical place settings…