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Here Comes the Guide brings you expert articles and blog postings about planning your California wedding. We’re all about making sure you find the right wedding location and services, but also addressing some of the other issues that come up.

The list below gives you the option to read longer, more detailed pieces from our Articles + Ideas section or shorter, topical and timely pieces from our blog. Either way, you’ll get great info from the experts on everything related to California weddings.

Children at the Wedding

Children at the Wedding posted by Jennifer

Worried about inviting children to your wedding? My husband and I welcomed children and babies at our wedding. We even asked the religious school kids who had class at the same time as our wedding to join us (in the back of the sanctuary) for the ceremony. None of the single-digit crowd caused any sort of distraction.

Lavish Weddings

Lavish Weddings posted by Jennifer

Americans certainly are not the only ones spending crazy money on weddings. The New York Times reports that in post-Taliban Afghanistan, lavish weddings are on the rise. Costs “can run a middle-class Afghan man on average $20,000,” but Afghans who make as little as $350 a year might spend $2000 on a wedding. Yikes! Would you spend five or six times your salary on your wedding?

Real (Simple) Weddings

Real (Simple) Weddings posted by Lisa

I can only imagine what the new Real Simple Weddings magazine, which officially launched this week, will be like—and what I’m imagining is pretty darn good. If you’ve managed to snag an early copy at Crate and Barrel, I’d love to hear what Real (Simple) Brides think of it.

Sassy Stuff to Keep Your Wedding Organized

Sassy Stuff to Keep Your Wedding Organized posted by Denise

For all of you brides trying to organize all your wedding details in some tired, old, navy blue binder—we have a solution! Drop what you’re doing and check out See Jane Work.

Planning Tip: Inspiration Boards

Planning Tip: Inspiration Boards posted by Sharon Carl

A great way to collect your ideas while planning your wedding is to create an inspiration board. As you are making decisions it really helps to have a visual reminder of all your thoughts right in front of you. It can be a bulletin board, a piece of foam core, or you can create it on the computer in Photoshop or a layout program.

Save the Date

Save the Date posted by Denise

My friend Lucy wanted something fun for her “Save The Date” instead of the traditional paper announcement, so we decided to go with a magnet.

Glamour Gals

Glamour Gals posted by Denise

Not only am I a Here Comes the Guide staffer, but I also moonlight as a wedding coordinator, and recently took on a VIP client—my sister, Sandra. Our recent mission? To boldly begin the search for “the dress.”

Eclectic is the new Black

Eclectic is the new Black posted by Jolene

Did you know that eclectic is the new black? According to Event Designer Linda Kay for New York Food Company, matchy-matchy is yawny-yawny. Mixing up your reception with non-identical place settings…