We all know that your wedding photography is a key part of planning your event. After all, the wedding photos are one of the few things that will be around after the last piece of cake is eaten and your guests have gone home. Here Comes The Guide brings you ideas and advice, along with lots of choices of carefully screened wedding photographers.

The Great Videographer Debate

The Great Videographer Debate posted by Denise

I’ve noticed very few videographers at the weddings I’ve attended in the past year. In these uncertain times, I’m sure every couple wants to save a little money, but I have to say this trend still surprises me.

A Mixx of Good Things

A Mixx of Good Things posted by Julia

In case no one knew this, we at Here Comes The Guide love ourselves some fine food. We probably tasted everything about…I’ll say 3 times so we don’t sound as ravenous as we really were. We also had the pleasure of telling Paula how beautiful and delicious everything was in person! I must say she looked just as stunning as ever.

Halloween Hot Shots

Halloween Hot Shots posted by Jolene

Northern California photographer Jennifer Baccioco’s latest triumph is the cover of our upcoming Southern California edition of Here Comes The Guide. Her romantic, photo-journalistic style is perfect for our baby blue and chocolate brown design, due to hit the shelves by January 1, 2008!

A New Take on Front and Center

A New Take on Front and Center posted by Denise

Maxine’s creative design and fabulous group of vendors made this wedding one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of events!) One of the things that I thought was so unique was Maxine’s idea to have the ceremony “in the round” instead of the traditional setup. This meant that all of the guests had a great view, and not just of the backs of the brides and groom.