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Exploring California’s Central Coast

Exploring California’s Central Coast posted by Allison

Whenever I want to plan a weekend vacation with my husband Phil, all I have to do is choose a region and then start browsing the wedding locations we feature on the Here Comes The Guide website that also double as fabulous weekend or honeymoon getaways (hint: there are a lot). On a recent trip to California’s Central Coast, I was practically stumbling over one great location after another. Some of the highlights:

Honeymoon Homework: Travel Etiquette

Honeymoon Homework: Travel Etiquette posted by Lisa

Honeymoons are a great excuse to visit a foreign country, but savvy Here Comes The Guide brides know they’ve gotta do a little homework on their destination’s customs and etiquette before they travel. Because we live to make your wedding planning as pain-free as possible, we were pleased to discover a helpful website that explains proper travel etiquette for exotic destinations all over the world.

A Tale of Two Inns, Part 2

A Tale of Two Inns, Part 2 posted by Jolene

When we last left me, I was reveling in the tranquil charms of Capitola’s Monarch Cove Inn… But another sublime experience awaited me in Carmel-by-the-Sea. I was welcomed to L’Auberge Carmel by a smiling host proffering a fresh watermelon cooler, and I easily settled into the laid-back luxury of this European-style hostelry. The lavishly appointed guestrooms embrace a charming garden courtyard where intimate events are held, but now all was quiet, save for the trickling of a fountain.

A Tale of Two Inns, Part 1

A Tale of Two Inns, Part 1 posted by Jolene

My favorite part of working at Here Comes The Guide is visiting wedding locations. During a recent jaunt along the California coast, I spent two very different evenings in two very special places.

We Heart Half Moon Bay, Part 2

We Heart Half Moon Bay, Part 2 posted by Jolene

Continuing our mission to explore Half Moon Bay, Jan and I uncovered more delights: We visited Cypress Meadows, a new wedding location hidden behind a flower farm. We lingered in the sweet terraced garden as long as we could, and Jan had to practically drag me out of the wooden swing.

We Heart Half Moon Bay, Part 1

We Heart Half Moon Bay, Part 1 posted by Jolene

My colleague Jan Brenner and I recently combined business with pleasure in Half Moon Bay. With its fun and artsy downtown, exhilarating coastal hikes, and water sports, Half Moon Bay is a day tripper’s delight and a wonderfully easy and rewarding wedding destination—just ask our very own Meredith, who wed her sweetheart on a Half Moon Bay beach!

Eco-Conscious Honeymoons

Eco-Conscious Honeymoons posted by Jennifer

What do you do after your green wedding? Green honeymoon, of course. Love, Honor, Leave No Carbon Footprint from the New York Times talks about the popularity of eco-friendly honeymoons. The article discusses options like travel with volunteering opportunities, “wwoofing” (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), travel to eco-destinations (some of which are quite luxurious) and of course (very green!) local honeymooning. California couples are especially fortunate in this regard, as there are many honeymoon destinations especially geared to the eco-traveler, such as the Historic Sand Rock Farm, Bear Flag Farm, or Shambhala Ranch.

The Perfect Place to Honeymoon in Napa

The Perfect Place to Honeymoon in Napa posted by Meredith

There are so many options in the Napa and Sonoma Wine Country, both for wedding locations and for lovely places to stay. We decided, just this time, to forgo the spa/resort route (though, I love me some spa!) and instead chose the super-cozy and yet boutiquey Cottages of Napa Valley.