Looking for some affordable ideas for your wedding? Trying to plan your wedding on the cheap? (Who isn’t?) Read our budget wedding ideas for inspiration…and please let us know if you have any budget wedding tips you’d like to share.

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We “Double Dare” You

We “Double Dare” You posted by Jolene

It’s a shame, really. All that time, effort and money spent on finding the wedding dress, and you really only ever wear it the one time. Fashion designer Hanna Hartnell of HARTNELL Santa Monica feels you, and has come up with an ingenious solution—the Double Dare Gown.

Designing Your Own Wedding Flowers

Designing Your Own Wedding Flowers posted by Lisa

Planning your dream wedding on a very real budget? You’re not alone. Cutting back on the pricey parts of your wedding is never easy, but if you have even an ounce of “do-it-yourself” spirit, you might find some of the tasks you had planned to pass off to a pro are kind of fun to DIY.

Way To Save: The Mid-Week Wedding

Way To Save: The Mid-Week Wedding posted by Jolene

These challenging economic times have created a novel wedding trend: The mid-week wedding! While Wednesday-night knot-tying is never going to replace Saturday evening extravaganzas, we’re hearing about wedding couples that opt to celebrate on a non-traditional day of the week. And why not? Since it’s an off-time for wedding vendors, they’re more likely to discount their fees. Same goes for your wedding location—you’re sure to get more for less if you wed on an alternate day. Want to upgrade from community center to hotel ballroom? For sure.

iDo Wedding Software

iDo Wedding Software posted by Lisa

Weddings are the ultimate planning challenge: Getting the wedding dress, making—and revising!—the invite list, securing a special reception location, booking the caterer, the photographer, floral designer…all while trying to squeeze in some time for a quick manicure and haircut before the big day so you look your best. Whew!

Weddings on a Budget

Weddings on a Budget posted by Lisa

With soaring fuel and food costs, reining in your wedding budget is becoming increasingly important. In today’s Los Angeles Times, there’s a great article featuring ways to cure your own case of wedding sticker shock (check out the quotes from our own creative wedding diva, Jolene Rae Harrington!). Read on for some expert wedding tips.

All-Inclusive Honeymoons for under $300 a Night?

All-Inclusive Honeymoons for under $300 a Night? posted by Denise

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Europe next September, so I’ve been spending a lot of time at the travel magazine section of my local bookstore. While checking out an article on Italy in the July/August edition of Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine, I found an interesting little promo on budget resorts that I just had to share with you.

Lavish Weddings

Lavish Weddings posted by Jennifer

Americans certainly are not the only ones spending crazy money on weddings. The New York Times reports that in post-Taliban Afghanistan, lavish weddings are on the rise. Costs “can run a middle-class Afghan man on average $20,000,” but Afghans who make as little as $350 a year might spend $2000 on a wedding. Yikes! Would you spend five or six times your salary on your wedding?

Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Dress

Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Dress posted by Denise

The whole shopping experience really made me think that you don’t have to go to a bargain bridal shop to save money. In fact, you might not save money at all! Plus, I think every bride should have the experience of going to a high-end bridal salon and getting the star treatment. Having a consultant take the time to help you find the perfect dress—one that’s right for your bod y type and matches the style of your wedding—could actually save you lots of time and headache, and you’ll probably end up with a better dress for your big day.