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Palm Springs Honeymoon Fantasy at the Willows Historic Inn

by Jolene Rae Harrington, Director of Creative Content

My husband and I are both history nuts, so it was no surprise our wedding had a nostalgic flair. We styled our beach wedding around Classic Hollywood (think Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth). Our Pacific Northwest honeymoon in the San Juan Islands did turn out well, eventually. But if I had it to do again, I’d carry our wedding’s retro theme into our honeymoon at the favorite Rat Pack destination, Palm Springs.


There’s also a practical reason to honeymoon in the desert—it’s easy. After the wedding


fun, who wants to deal with time zone changes and airports (and late ferries, lost baggage, bee swarms and broken windows? Long story…) For this So Cal gal, the Coachella Valley and its scenic sunsets and glittering starscapes are a short drive away. And where would we cuddle up for our romantic getaway? I fantasize about The Willows Historic Inn, a bed and breakfast steeped in the glamour of a bygone era.

I’m attracted to the quiet and intimacy of this boutique hideaway that’s walking distance to town but in its own world atop a view-filled bluff. Equally appealing is its décor, lavished with antique furnishings and stunning architectural details: crown moldings, frescoed ceilings, rich wood trim…and a waterfall. Yup, full gourmet breakfast and nightly hors d’oeuvres reception are served facing a real rock waterfall. Pinch me!

articles_altEach of the unique guestrooms has a story to tell. Which would we choose? My brainiac hubby would be drawn to the Einstein Room, the very spot where the Nobel Prize winner used to stay. Lounging on our private garden terrace near the waterfall, who knows what groundbreaking scientific theories Mr. Harrington could discover? 

But I also dream of staying in the Library, the actual room where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent THEIR honeymoon. With a secluded garden patio, old-fashioned writing desk and fireplace, we’d feel like celebrities creating our own fabled romance.

Then again, my inner starlet also craves the luxurious trappings of the Marion Davies Room. I’m particularly entranced with the chandelier-clad bath, and imagine myself wallowing in scented bubbles in the claw foot tub while my sweetie keeps me company from the satin chaise lounge. (“Refill my champagne flute, there’s a dear…”) So how do you spell d-e-c-a-d-e-n-t?

articles_altIf so much togetherness gets cloying, I’ll just send Hubby off to his own dream golf outing, perhaps at the Indian Wells Country Club while I indulge in a spa day at the Well, Miramonte Resort‘s stunning wellness retreat. Later we can chat about our day over a candlelit gourmet dinner at Palm Springs’ Spencer’s at the Mountain.

As our 15th wedding anniversary is approaching, I’m thinking it might be time to live out my Palm Springs honeymoon fantasy (Darling, are you reading this???).

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