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Have a “Hang-Loose” Honeymoon: Five Tips to Packing Your Carry-On

by Sally Bartz, Halsea Luggage

Whether it’s for your honeymoon, holiday travel or a romantic weekend getaway, these days it pays to pack it all in your carry-on suitcase—and avoid extra charges for checked luggage. The best way to be a breezy bride at the airport is to remember you’re on the vacation of your life…and to “hang loose” when you’re packing. Keep it simple, easy and fun. Follow these five tips, and you’re off to a carefree start.

  1. Think twice. Pack once. Plan out your outfits. Focus on color coordinated, mix-and-match items, so you don’t pack everything but the kitchen sink. Since you aren’t checking your bag and now have to keep it with you at all times, make sure it isn’t overloaded with unnecessary items. Who wants to drag 50 pounds behind them, even if it is on wheels?!

  2. Choose Fun Items That Do Double-Duty. Take all the clothes you think you’ll need and lay them out on your bed. Remove anything that makes you feel fat, guilty, frumpy or boring. Add a bikini. Add a few bangles. Add your favorite shoes, even if they don’t match everything else. Pack things that can do double-duty, and don’t bother squeezing in your bulky flannel jammies—your new hubby’s t-shirt or a sexy camisole beats PJs any day.

  3. Don’t waste time wrapping clothes in tissue! The only thing you might have time for is to fold your clothes nice and flat. If not, just throw everything in—you can iron when you get there if you need to. Remember: when packing, as in life, time management is key. Do you want to spend your last minutes hugging your BF goodbye or folding your blouse in tissue??

  4. Pack by Twos. For both guys and gals—when in doubt, pack by twos: two shirts, two sweaters, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes and two dressier outfits and you are done! And put shoes on the bottom and around the perimeter of the bag.

  5. Use this timesaving technique for looking fresh: Have your dry-cleaner clean, press and fold your items. That way they’ll be all ready to pack and will look good when you arrive.

  6. Don’t sweat the capris you left behind. And as my mom always reminded me, “If you forget something, you can buy it there.” (And then UPS it home!!)

Sally Bartz is the head designer and owner of Halsea, a beach-chic travel bag company, Says Sally, “The Halsea roller suitcase fits in the overhead, and is easily identified: ‘Excuse me, could you please grab that blue suitcase with the crab pattern?’”

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